You Can Grab A Robot Vacuum For Only $149 Today

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Amazon has the Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum on sale today for just $149, as part of its Epic Daily Deals. Allowing you to grab one for a really impressive price. That's $70 off of it's regular retail price too.

This isn't going to compete with the iRobots, Roborocks and Neato robot vacuums out there, but for most people, it'll work just fine.

A carefully engineered clean system with dual side brushes, a high speed rotating main brush and up to 2000pa of suction power, effectively loosens, lifts and sucks dirt from carpets, wood floors and tiles.


The Yeedi K650 has the biggest dustbin around, sucks more and holds more.

The silicone tangle-free main brush handles pet hair with ease, reducing hair clogs and brush maintenance. No more dirty hands.

The triple-filter system captures up to 99% of dust mites and allergens as small as 6 microns. Say goodbye to sneezing and itchy noses.


Compatible with Boundary Strips — specialized new and upgraded sensors detect Boundary Taps to ensure your robot only cleans the areas you want.

The low-profile design cleans under sofas, beds and furniture, where dirt easily hides. The floating wheel easily climbs over doorsills for room-by-room cleaning.

Equipped with a full set of sensors to safely navigate your home. Anti-Drop sensors identify stairs, preventing falls. Anti-collision sensors help to avoid bumping into obstacles such as furniture.


Cleans up to 130 mins per charge. Automatically returns to the charging dock when needed, ensuring it is always charged and ready to go.

This is a very capable robot vacuum, but doesn't boast any of the special features of more expensive vacuums. It does have an app, that you can use to control it. But it does not work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

You can pick up the Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum from Amazon today by clicking here. 


Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum - Amazon - $149