Here's All The Streaming Apps For The Xbox Series X And Series S

Xbox Series X Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series X and Series S are mainly about games, as they should be, but you’ll be able to use them for accessing your favorite streaming apps too.

Like video game consoles from the previous generation, there is a decently-sized list of streaming apps on the Xbox Series X. Microsoft recently lifted the curtain on what apps will be available on the console once it launches.

You’ll still need to subscribe to any of those apps if you actually want to access the content. But they’ll be there if that time ever comes, and if you’re already subscribed to some of them, well then you can sign into each one and start using your Series X or Series S console as your main streaming media machine going forward.


Worth noting too, is that there will be more streaming apps on the way. So this list isn’t entirely exhaustive. As such, we’ll be updating this list as more streaming apps are released for the platform. Some of which may be confirmed before next week’s November 10 release date. Microsoft stated that all the apps listed below “and more” would be available on November 10. So look out for more apps the be added at that time.

These are the streaming apps on Xbox Series X and Series S from Day 1

Since there will be more streaming apps coming in the future at some point, we’ve broken things up into which services will be available on each of the new Xbox consoles from day 1.

Keep in mind that every app listed here will be available on both console versions. So you won’t miss out on anything if you go with the Series S over the Series X.


Streaming video apps


Of course Netflix is going to be one of the launch day streaming apps available. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s perhaps the biggest streaming app out there for TV and movies.

And it’s become one of the services that you can basically expect on any device or any operating system where streaming is technically possible. Over the last few years Netflix has been expanding its reach by adding more and more original content.

Spanning both shows and movies, including the likes of anime films and series, breakout hits like House of Cards (which sort of started it all) and Stranger Things, and shows based on video games that have taken the world by storm like The Witcher.


Disney Plus

Without a doubt Disney Plus is one of the streaming apps that you’ll find on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S next week.

Serving you up a collection of content across Disney’s different franchises. From Disney classics to (almost) the entire set of films in the MCU, to smash hits like The Mandalorian, Disney Plus has everything you need for some excellent viewing content.

Plus, since Hulu is now owned by Disney, you can get both it and Disney Plus together in a bundle. And wouldn’t you know it, Hulu is also on this list.



Hulu has been around for almost as long as Netflix has when it comes to streaming TV apps, and it’ll be on the Xbox Series X and Series S from day 1.

Though it’s original content library may not seem as extensive as what Netflix has, you’d be quite surprised at how many original TV shows and movies there are on Hulu to watch. Hulu also gives you access to seasons of TV shows that you’d find on recorded cable television.

If you’ve cut the cord but still want to see shows from some of the top broadcast networks, Hulu tends to update many of the most popular shows from those networks on a weekly basis.


When new episodes release each week, they end up on Hulu soon after. Hulu has, like many of the apps on here, been growing a large list of anime as well. So if you’re an anime junkie, Hulu has a lot of it for you.


HBO Max is HBO’s latest streaming service, and really is the best version of one. It has all of the content of the previous two (HBO NOW and HBO Go), plus more. It also has a much easier interface to deal with that makes watching content more enjoyable.

Here you’ll find familiar HBO hits like The Sopranos, Vice News, The Leftovers, and of course Game Of Thrones. You’ll also find more recently added top shows like Raised By Wolves, as well as a cornucopia of movies and broadcast network TV shows.


HBO Max is also the only place in the US where you can officially (and legally) stream a large collection of Studio Ghibli films like My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service and more.

It’s not the most affordable of the streaming services, at $15 a month, but it isn’t far off from Netflix which now costs $14 a month for the HD option, and it has a ton of excellent content to watch. At the very least, you should take advantage of the free trial HBO gives out.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is your go-to if you want more of a live tv experience from your streaming service of choice. While it does offer a collection of on-demand content, its bread and butter is the wealth of networks where you can watch live TV.


When you sign up for the first time you get a free two-week trial, and access to networks that include abc, FOX, The Food Network, TNT, CNN, ESPN, AMC and many more.

It is $64 a month on the starting plan, but it’s also mostly in line with other similar services. It has over 85 different channels for you to watch, and there’s no installation fee like traditional cable or satellite.


If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time over the last decade, you probably know what YouTube is. Google’s mega popular video platform where people can share just about anything and everything.

Cooking, cars, books, video games, luxury watches, politics, you name it. If you can think it up, it may exist on YouTube and probably does.

And day 1 of the Xbox Series X launch YouTube will be one of the streaming apps you have access to. Which was probably no surprise to anyone.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is one of the newcomers here in the streaming apps market. It doesn’t have the same library of mega popular content that some of the other options do, but that’s to be expected for such a new service that hasn’t been around for more than a year or two.

It does however have some pretty interesting content to watch that makes it worthwhile. If you have an Apple TV device hooked up, check it out. You’ll find interesting documentaries like the one in the trailer above, as well as shows like Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet featuring Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, See featuring Jason Momoa, and Ted Lasso featuring Jason Sudeikis.

There are quite a few other shows on there too, and everything is an Apple original. Much of it features top-tier, well-known actors as well.

Amazon Prime Video

One of the best parts about Prime Video is that it’s free if you already subscribe to Amazon Prime. If you have Prime and you’ve never given it a look, you’re missing out on a lot of excellent shows and movies.

Amazon has a large list of stuff that you can watch through Prime Video at no charge. Including the new Borat film from the above trailer. It also has some really good shows like Man In The High Castle, The Expanse, and many more.

In addition to its growing list of Amazon Originals TV shows and movies, there’s plenty of network TV shows, and plenty of big budget Hollywood films that you can find on there.

If you do want to spend a little bit of money now and again, Prime Video even has movies and TV shows that you can buy or rent. Just in case there wasn’t already enough on there to satisfy your hunger for viewing content.

And, if you’re a big anime fan, Prime Video has a pretty great selection of anime. Definitely worth checking out.


Peacock is the standalone streaming service for NBC. So what you’re getting on here are NBC properties. It’s now the home for hugely popular (and funny) TV shows like Parks And Recreation, 30 Rock, and Everybody Hates Chris, as well as a number of top dramas and other shows from various categories.

Peacock also says it has hundreds of movies available to stream, as well as news, sports, pop culture content and more. It’s also a free service. Which means you can actually enjoy it without spending any money at all.

That being said you do have to pay $5 a month if you want to have access to all of the content Peacock has to offer. Because you only have access to it if you subscribe to Peacock Premium which costs that $5 a month.



Vudu is certainly a popular service, though not nearly as popular as services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, or HBO Max. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to offer.

On the contrary it actually has quite a bit to offer. With over 150,000 TV shows and movies to stream, you’re very unlikely to run out of stuff to keep you entertained. At least not anytime soon. Movies like Bill And Ted Face The Music, The Tax Collector, The King Of Staten Island, Scoob!, and Sonic The Hedgehog are just a few examples for the movies.

It also free to sign up and start watching content, where you get access to over 10,000 TV shows and movies with ads. The rest of the content is there for you to watch if you either rent or buy it on a case by case basis. This includes everything from anime to documentaries, to indie films and big Hollywood films.


NOW TV is a little less known than some of the bigger players, but it still offers a sizeable sum of content including movies, TV shows, sports, news and more.

That being said, NOW TV is an offering that is solely accessible within Europe, save for any countries that are not part of the EU. Which means you won’t be able to access NOW TV from the US. Likely not even with a VPN since you have to pay for the content.

If you do live in Europe though, passes for NOW TV access start at €15.

Sky Go & Sky Ticket

Sky Go

Both of these are from the Sky Network Group, with Sky Go only being available to consumers in Ireland, the UK, and parts of the EU.

Sky Go is a free service provided to Sky TV subscribers which contains content such as live on demand TV, sports, news, movies and more. Sky Ticket on the other hand is a service available to Sky customers in Germany, which includes various pass subscription options that contain different sports and entertainment content.


Twitch logo image 1

Twitch rarely needs an introduction, but for the uninitiated, it’s the biggest streaming platform for gamers. There’s a wealth of members live streaming just every game you can imagine, from mega popular game titles to the unknown gems.

There’s also plenty of variety streamers, which focus on streaming anything and everything outside of games, sometimes including games, but not just games. There are also streamers which don’t stream games at all and stick to one particular genre or topic. Similar to podcasts.

Of course gaming is the biggest category for Twitch when it comes to streams, so if you’re a gamer, you’ll find plenty of exciting content on Twitch to watch.


FandangoNOW is another service which lets you stream loads of your favorite TV shows and movies to your device. It’s free, like Vudu, but you do pay for content still.

The difference is that there is no subscription fee for accessing anything you want to watch. You simply buy or rent the content that you want, when you want it. It’s a simple approach that is going to appeal to some people. As you don’t have another bill to worry about.

Streaming music apps


Spotify is the most well-known streaming music app out there. Offering up access to so many different artists from just about every single genre.

You can listen to full albums, singles, and tons of different curated playlists that fit into a specific category. You can also listen to podcasts, and listen for free with ads or pay a monthly fee for no ads, as well as unlimited skipping of tracks.