Where To Buy The PS5 Headset & Other Accessories

PS5 Pulse 3D Headset

Sony didn’t just put the PS5 up for pre-order yesterday, as all of the console’s official accessories including the headset are up for pre-order meaning you can buy them now and have them delivered by or around launch day.

If you’re not sure where to buy the PS5 headset or any of the other accessories, fear not. We’ve got you covered and there are numerous places to buy them.

You can actually pre-order them as of today, and it looks like they’re all currently in stock. For the time being at least.


All in all there are five different accessories that Sony launched for the PS5. And while not all of them are required to play games on the PS5, they make for a better experience.

Where to buy the PS5 Pulse 3D headset and other accessories

As mentioned above you can buy each of the accessories at multiple spots. This includes big box retail stores. As well as Amazon.

In fact all of the accessories are available at Amazon right now and all are listed as in stock and releasing on November 12. That doesn’t mean that they will ship before then and arrive by November 12.


They can though. And that’s the important part. More important really is that Amazon has them in stock. The accessories for the PS5 that are available includes the Pulse 3D headset, the Media Remote, the DualSense controller, the DualSense charging dock(which supports two controllers), and the HD Camera.

All of the accessories except for the headset can be purchased from B&H Photo in addition to Amazon, and you’ll find links for all of them below.

Prioritizing which accessories to buy

Only you can really prioritize which accessories are the ones you might want the most. Unless you plan to buy them all and outfit your PS5 setup with everything possible.


If you need to prioritize though, what you might want to start with is the Charging Dock and maybe a second controller. The PS5 will come with one DualSense, so you’ll be fine on the controller if you only need one.

If you like to stay up late and play and you don’t want to keep others up, or if you want to take full advantage of the PS5’s 3D sound features, then you’ll want the Pulse 3D headset.

That might even be the most important. Because it’s really the only accessory out of the five that will let you experience the audio the way Sony intended.


You can charge the controller through USB-C so you don’t really need the dock. Even if you buy a second controller. And you can manage all your media with the DualSense too. As for the camera, you’ll only need this if you plan to live stream your gameplay.

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