Where To Buy The PS5 Console Covers & New DualSense Colors

PS5 Console Covers

The PS5 looks great with its white and black exterior, but ever since the console came out people have wanted to buy new covers for the console. Many asked for a black version of the PS5 in hopes that Sony would deliver. And while it’s not technically launching a black PS5, it is launching black PS5 console covers that you can buy.

The company officially announced the faceplate accessory at the end of 2021. But it’s not just launching them in black. In fact, Sony is launching the new accessory in five different colors total. On top of that it’s launching new DualSense controller color options, which match the covers.

For those that are unaware, the covers on the PS5 console are removable. You can easily snap them off, which is how you get to the SSD expansion slot and the dust trap for cleaning. So it was only a matter of time before Sony released custom covers to change the look of the console.


But, you’re probably wondering where you can buy these new accessories. And we’re here to help. There’s a few places you can pick up each one. And eventually you should be able to buy both the covers and the new DualSense colors from numerous retailers. For now, you can find where to buy each accessory below. However, keep in mind that not all of them are available yet. Specifically, three of the console cover colors.

Where to buy the PS5 console covers and DualSense controllers

If you’re looking to get yourself one of the new PS5 console covers, you’ve come to the right place as we can tell you exactly where to go. Keep in mind that right now, the console covers are only available for pre-order. As they have not officially released yet.

This means you can pay for them, but they won’t ship till the official launch date. Which is January 21.


Where to buy the Midnight Black console cover and DualSense controller for PS5

The black cover and controller are the most basic out of the five new colors. But they’re also reminiscent of the black PS4 which a lot of people loved. So it should come as no surprise that people were jumping at the chance to get the DualSense in black. And even more excited to finally have an official way from Sony to make the PS5 itself black.

For the black console cover, you’ll need to head to the PlayStation Direct website as this is currently the only place where it’s sold. The black DualSense however is available from PlayStation Direct, Amazon, Best Buy and other retail partners. The console cover retails for $55 and is available for both the Disc and Digital editions. The controller meanwhile goes for $69.

Midnight Black PS5 Console Cover - PlayStation Direct


Midnight Black DualSense Controller - Various Retailers

Where to buy the Cosmic Red console cover and DualSense controller for PS5

For the Cosmic Red option, the same retailers apply for both items. The console cover can be purchased from PlayStation Direct, while the DualSense controller can be picked up from PlayStation Direct, Amazon, Best Buy, Target and others.

Though, the DualSense does cost a little more in this color as it goes for around $75. The console cover is the same cost as the one in Midnight Black.


Cosmic Red Console Cover - PlayStation Direct

Cosmic Red DualSense Controller - Various Retailers

Where to buy the Starlight Blue console cover and DualSense controller for PS5

As of right now the console cover isn’t available in this color. Sony says it will be available for pre-order and launching a little later this year though. You can however already pre-order the Starlight Blue DualSense.


That can be picked up from some of the same retailers as the other colors.

Starlight Blue DualSense Controller - Various Retailers

Where to buy the Nova Pink console cover and DualSense controller for PS5

You guessed it, you can pre-order the Nova Pink DualSense controller from mostly all the same retailers as the others. But, just like the Starlight Blue console cover, Nova Pink is not available until a later date.


Nova Pink DualSense Controller - Various Retailers

Where to buy the Galactic Purple console cover and DualSense controller

Interestingly enough, Sony’s PlayStation Direct store currently has the exclusive on the Galactic Purple DualSense. And the console cover isn’t yet available. Sony may allow retail partners to pick up the Galactic Purple controller at a later date, but for now you can only get it through Sony.

Galactic Purple DualSense Controller - PlayStation Direct