Peacock: Everything You Need To Know


NBCUniversal's anticipated streaming service has finally launched for everyone, starting today. Peacock, as it is known, is now available for $5 per month or $10 per month without ads.

Peacock is actually a pretty interesting streaming service from NBCUniversal, and it's not like many of the other streaming services out there. Since there is a free tier – for Comcast customers. While services like HBO MAX, Netflix and Hulu have foregone a free tier.

So here, we're going to tell you everything that you need to know about Peacock, NBCUniversal's newest streaming service. And it'll help you decide whether or not you should sign up.


How much does Peacock Cost?

There are essentially three tiers for Peacock. There is the free tier that is available. This was originally available to only Xfinity customers, now it is available for everyone. Xfinity customers can get Peacock Premium for free though.

There is an ad-supported Premium tier that is $5 per month (this is the same tier that Xfiniy customers get for free). And then there is a $10 per month tier, called Premium Plus that does not have ads. It does also have a bit more content, like Premier League games. But the biggest reason to get the Premium Plus version is going to be the ads.

If you're not a Comcast customer, you may be able to get Peacock Premium for free in the near future though. As NBCUniversal is looking to leverage similar deals with Cox and other ISPs. Which is a bit interesting for Comcast (NBCUniversal's parent company) to try and do, as this could be a real selling point for switching to Xfinity.


It's worth mentioning that at launch, if you sign up via an Android device – Android smartphone, tablet, TV or Chromecast – you can get three months free.

What is available to watch?

At launch, Peacock will have over 20,000 hours of content available. This is drawing from the pretty large catalog of NBC shows that it owns.

Many of its more popular shows will be available in the free tier. That includes 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, Psych, Monk, Royal Pains, Columbo and much more. There will also be The Matrix series, the Bourne Films and Jurassic Park franchise.


The Office won't be part of the catalog at launch, since Netflix still holds streaming rights until the end of 2020. But it will come to Peacock in 2021.

Screen Shot 2020 07 15 at 10 54 57 AM

Peacock Premium expands the library with more content. Which includes Two and a Half Men, House, Frasier, Cheers, Law & Order and much more. It also brings in some Peacock originals. Some of those major original  titles that are available at launch include Brave New World (based on the Aldous Huxley novel), Psych 2: Lassie Come HomeThe Capture, and Intelligence. There's also more on the way through out the year.


Peacock, as expected, is also focusing big on live content. NBC is going to be offering some curated live news and sports coverage. This includes a 24-hour NBC News channel, and there will be a big emphasis on the Olympics, whenever they take place again. It will also include Premier League soccer games, as well as early access to the late night shows. They'll be available at 8PM instead of the usual 11:35PM and 12:35AM time slots.

What devices support Peacock?

Peacock is available on most platforms at launch. This includes Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromcast, iOS, Xbox One, VIZIO SmartCast TVs and LG Smart TVs. And there is also a web player available for Mac, Windows and Chromebook.

Screen Shot 2020 07 15 at 10 53 22 AM


The company notes that it will be coming to the PlayStation 4 starting next week.

Of course, Fire TV and Roku are absent here. But NBCUniversal has said that it is in talks with Amazon and Roku to add the app. This was announced last week, and NBCUniversal executives stated that it's playing the long game with Peacock. And doesn't see it as a big issue that it's missing from Fire TV and Roku at launch.

HBO MAX did something similar when it launched last month, skipping out on Roku and Fire TV. But there is a workaround. Since both of those platforms support Chromecast, and Peacock works with Chromecast, you   can simply Cast content to either Fire TV or Roku.


Can I share it with others?

At launch, there is no support for multiple profiles. That is hopefully, a feature that will come later on down the road.

Peacock, does however support three concurrent streams. So you can still share it with your family. And there is also a PIN system available for parental controls, so you can keep kids from watching content they should not be seeing.

Is there 4K and HDR support?

Again, a lot like the HBO MAX launch, Peacock is also missing 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos at launch. Though, NBCUniversal is planning to add it later on. There's no date as to when those features will be added, unfortunately.


This shows that Disney+ did the right thing in waiting a bit to launch, until it had 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos (as well as Dolby Vision) support available for a good number of titles.

Currently, Peacock will stream in HD. And that likely means 720p and not 1080p. The good thing is that it won't use a whole lot of your data cap.

How can I sign up for Peacock?

If you're an Xfinity customer, you will need to sign up through Xfinity X1 or Xfinity Flex. Just enter your email address and you're all set. That is the only way to get the service for free as an Xfinity customer though. So you are stuck using their hardware.

Otherwise, you can head to Peacock's website or download the app and sign up from there. Remember, if you sign up from an Android device, you can get your first three months for free. Which is definitely worth doing.