What Is Luna? Everything You need To Know

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Luna is Amazon's new cloud gaming service that was just announced yesterday during the company's large product event.

What exactly is Luna, though? Should you care about the service and is it worth your time? Maybe one of the other cloud gaming services is a better fit?

In this guide we'll walk you through exactly what Luna is and what it offers, so you can make the decision on whether or not you should be interested in it and give it a try.


What is Luna?


Luna is a cloud gaming service that will be offered by Amazon. It was announced September 24, 2020, and is the company's entry into the space that already contains major players like Stadia, GeForce NOW, Shadow, and Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Amazon was rumored to be entering the cloud gaming space last year, but little was known about it back then. Now, a lot more detail has been shared about it. Including what it costs, what games you can play, and where you can play them.

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Amazon hasn't given out all the details on Luna yet, but it has shared quite a bit following yesterday's announcement. The idea is to offer people a slightly different model for cloud gaming than what's currently available from competitors.

Luna will offer a variety of different games from publishers you know and love. Some of them will be new and some of them will be a bit older.

The whole point of Luna, much like with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Stadia, is that you don't need to download games. There's no having to wait for games to install. you simply find a game you want to play and you launch it. Boom. Done.


If that sounds appealing to you, then you may want to consider keeping an eye on Luna and signing up to request access to it.

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What games are available on Luna?

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Like Amazon says, Luna has something for everyone when it comes to games. As for what games are available, that's something that's not completely clear at the moment given the service was just announced.

Amazon has confirmed some games that will be available as part of the service from the start though. These include Resident Evil 7, the Panzer Dragoon Remake, A Plague Tale: Innocence, The Surge 2, Yooka-Laylee and The Impossible Lair, Iconoclasts, GRID, ABZU, and Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons.

Other games are listed on the Luna landing page. As of right now though, these have not been confirmed to be available when Luna opens up to players. Some of those games include what you see in the image above like Control, Shadow Tactics, Metro Exodus, and even Assassin's Creed Valhalla.


More games are going to be added post launch of Luna too. So keep an eye out for new additions. As we'll update this post when new games are confirmed to be coming or added.

Amazon is also offering games in what it calls "channels." Each channel will have something different. Luna+ for example holds a variety of top games in a growing library. Then there's the Ubisoft channel which is the only other channel that's been mentioned so far. And will hold a collection of top Ubisoft titles, likely similar to Uplay+.

What devices can I play on?

Amazon's big thing here is letting you play games on the devices you already own. This is going to be limited to begin with, but it will probably expand quickly. Or at least we hope.


Once the service opens up to players, you'll be able to access it on Fire TV (any TV or device that has Fire TV baked into it), Mac, iOS via web apps, and PC. It will be available on Android at some point as well. Amazon has not yet confirmed when though. It simply stated that it was coming soon.

How do I get access to the service?

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At the moment Amazon has made Luna an invite-only service. This means you can't quite yet sign up and create an account to play games whenever you want.


You can however sign up to request access, as it's going to be going into its early access program sometime in October.

Sign up for access will not guarantee you a spot to play. It is however your best shot right now at trying Luna out. As early access continues following its availability going live, Amazon will eventually open it up to more people. Perhaps anyone that cares to test it out.

If you're interested in trying the service, make sure to request access by signing up.

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How much does Luna cost?

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The service is going to be available at an introductory cost of $5.99 a month during early access.

Since this is only the early access price though, it will probably cost more when it launches fully. Open to everyone and not just those invited.

Amazon also hasn't announced the prices for its separate channels yet. Right now only the Ubisoft channel has been officially announced. And it's listed as coming soon but doesn't have an associated monthly fee. But players who want these extra channels will have to pay for them a la carte as package add-ons.

$5.99 is the only price Amazon has thrown out right now. With no mention of whether or not bundle pricing of any kind will ever be available, or if there will be a free tier.

What controllers work with the service?

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Amazon will support a handful of different controllers from the get-go. This includes the Luna controller, the Xbox One wireless controller, and the DualShock 4.

You can also use a mouse and keyboard if you're playing games on your PC. Which might be the preferred input method for some.

There will undoubtedly be more compatible controllers down the line, but in the beginning Amazon is starting small with the most popular and most used controllers out there. And it makes sense.

Now, that isn't to say that other controllers won't work. They might. But Amazon doesn't list anything else as officially supported. So anything other than what was mentioned here may not work at all.

What features does Luna have?

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You might be surprised at what's available. Then again maybe not. Since this is Amazon-owned, it naturally has integration with Alexa.

You can ask Alexa to play games and it'll launch the game you mention. Not unlike Google has done with Stadia and Google Assistant. Luna also has integration with Twitch. Another Amazon-owned brand.

You can watch Twitch livestreams on Luna and then from those streams launch into a game on the service yourself.

What sort of resolution does Luna support?

Amazon says that the service will support up to 1080p resolution for most games.

Some games will support up to 4K, but none of those are going to be available during the early access period. Amazon says 4K is coming soon, so this is expected to pop up once early access is over.

What internet speed do I need?

The recommended internet speed is 10Mbps for your download speeds for everything that is streaming at 1080p.

If you're going to stream in 4K, which isn't available at the moment and probably won't be during early access, you'll need a minimum of 35Mbps download. As always though, the faster and stronger your internet connection, the better your streaming experience will be. So keep that in mind.

Where is Luna available?

Luna Cloud Gaming

The service is pretty limited for the early access period.

To start, Luna will be available in the US only. This excludes Hawaii, Alaska, and any US territories. Amazon hasn't announced any plans for expansion outside the US at the moment. Though it likely will expand after early access, and perhaps even during.

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