Watch The Google I/O 2021 Keynote Here!

Google IO 2019 Sign AH 8

After cancelling Google I/O altogether last year, it is back this year. But, as you might expect, as a virtual event only. This is the first time that Google I/O has had zero people in attendance in Mountain View (or San Francisco before that). But for most of us watching from home, it won’t be much different.

The fun kicks off on May 18 at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT, with the two-hour long keynote. And you can watch the keynote here.

What to expect from the Google I/O keynote

This is the opening keynote for Google I/O, and expect it to move very fast. This is where Google is going to announce a slew of new updates to products, perhaps new products and even show off some things that will come later this year.


After this keynote, there will be additional keynotes immediately after. At 1PM PDT/4PM EDT there will be the developer keynote. This is where Google gets more in-depth about different products, and this is more geared towards developers (hence the name). Whereas the opening keynote is more for everyone. After that there will be the “What’s new in Android” keynote. Which will be all about Android 12.

Basically, if there’s one keynote you want to pay attention to, it’s going to be this opening keynote. We’ll hear about Android 12, as the first beta will be launching today. And we’ll also likely hear from the Google Photos team, with the storage options changing in just a few weeks, that could be a very big part of the keynote, and worth paying attention too. As always, there will be a good amount of the keynote dedicated to Google Assistant.

Today is basically Christmas for Android and Google fans, and you can rest assured that AndroidHeadlines will bring every detail to you, from Google I/O. So you won’t miss out on a single thing.