Top 10 Best Google Stadia Games – August 2020

Top 10 Stadia Games

Google Stadia is still a fledgling service/platform for gaming but over the last few months it’s been coming more and more into its own by releasing more games and announcing others that are coming to the platform, so we decided to list the top 10 games you can pick up for it.

Worth keeping in mind is that this is list is entirely subjective. Everyone’s top 10 may be different. Some may not even like ten games that Stadia has to offer. But that’s partly why this list is fun. Because it gives a chance to see which games people like best.

With that being said, read on below to see which games were picked for our list. This list will change regularly and we’ll update it as more games come out, and any games on it currently are games which are available.


We won’t be including any games that have not yet been released.

Top 10 Google Stadia Games – Summary

Below is a summary table of which games are on this list. If you’re short on time and simply want to see which games we picked, you can view them all directly from the table included here.

If you want to read a little more about each of our picks, as well as check out the associated game trailers, you can view the actual longer list below the summary table.



Purchase CostIn-Game Cost Per Item
10. MotoGP 20$49.99From $4.99
9. Borderlands 3From $59.99From $4.99
8. PUBGFree w/ Stadia ProFrom $3.99
7. Destiny 2Free w/ Stadia ProFrom $4.99
6. Darksiders Genesis$25.99 w/ Stadia ProNone
5. Spiritfarer$29.99None
4. Octopath Traveler$59.99None
3. Assassin’s Creed OdysseyFrom $29.99From $4.99
2. Just Shapes & Beats$19.99 or Free w/ Stadia ProNone
1. DOOM EternalFrom $59.99From $4.99

Top 10 Google Stadia Games May 2020 – List

Below you’ll find the entire list of games for Stadia that we’ve ranked as our top 10.

Each game is listed with a short description along with the game’s trailer, and a download button that takes your directly to that game through the Stadia web store.


The best game on Stadia for racing

MotoGP 20

There aren’t too many racing games on Stadia yet but the list is growing. For now though, the best one on Stadia is MotoGP 20.

From the outstanding graphical assets that include some gorgeous tracks and surroundings down to the hyper realistic-looking super bikes, it’s hard not to look at MotoGP 20 with awe.

The game offers you the main play mode of a managerial career, where you play the racer and take control of your own career. It includes real teams and teams that were created specifically for the game too.


There’s some pretty decent customizations as well, letting you change the colors of various aspects on the bike, the riders suit and more. It even features a neural AI that can manage things like the wear and tear on your tires and how much fuel your bike consumes.

Perhaps best of all, is that the game has dedicated servers. Which should mean a very reliable gameplay experience with low latency.

Buy MotoGP 20



The best game on Stadia for fans of looter shooters

Borderlands 3

Borderlands is an iconic looter shooter franchise that many will be familiar with. And borderlands 3 is the latest iteration in the series.

While I personally enjoy Destiny 2 more than Borderlands 3, this is higher up on the list for a few reasons. One is that Destiny 2’s community on Stadia is low right now. So some of the content is going to be harder to do unless you can always find a premade group.


Another is that Borderlands 3 is mostly focused on single-player content as well as co-op, as opposed to slightly open-world multiplayer.

Both are great games and both are worth your time, but at the moment Borderlands 3 deserves a higher rank for games on the Stadia platform. That’s also saying something, considering Destiny 2 is free and you have to pay for this game.

With Borderlands 3, you’ll get to play all new character classes, hunt down hundreds and hundreds of new weapons, and of course there’s even more Claptrap.


Buy Borderlands 3

The best game on Stadia for fans of battle royale


PUBG is universally loved as one of the best battle royale games on the market, and understandably so. With its recent launch on Stadia, players are able to bask in the game’s glory in more places than ever before making this a worthy pick for the top 10 Stadia games.

And first-time players on Stadia even get a bunch of cool free loot with the Stadia logo on it.

The base game is free, but if you grab as a Pro member this month, you’ll get a bunch of freebies at no charge. Including the Survivor Pass: Cold Front, and themed skins. The best part about it though is that PUBG on Stadia supports cross-play with consoles.

So if your friends play on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you can play with them while you play on Stadia. You don’t have to be left out just cause you aren’t playing on the same platform. Get out there and get that chicken dinner.


The best game on Stadia for fans of action MMOs

Destiny 2

Few games are satisfying as Destiny 2 in numerous ways. It has some of the best gunplay of any FPS game out there, and there’s just so much to do.

There’s a huge universe to explore with plenty of backstory both through in-game cinematics and story missions as well as through lore books.

The game is best played with friends, and it’s true that the Destiny 2 community on Stadia is at its lowest point ever in terms of player numbers. But that should hopefully change when Stadia Base hits.

When that happens, there’s a lot to look forward to. Even now it’s a game worth playing. Not only cause it’s free with Stadia Pro, but also because the gameplay is just fun.

Whether you want to traverse all the solo campaign content or party up and join a strike or raid, there’s a lot to acquire and achieve. If you love FPS games and you love loot, dive into this one.

Play Destiny 2

The best game on Stadia for fans of hack and slash

Darksiders Genesis

This is a little bit of a departure from the other Darksiders games, as it’s an isometric action RPG that looks similar to Diablo.

The gameplay though is still very much like the other games in the series and is probably the best title on Stadia right now. It’s also the first game in the series to let you play two different characters.

One of those is completely new – Strife, as hes not yet shown up in any of the other games as a playable character. The other, War, was the protagonist and playable character in the first Darksiders game.

In Genesis you can freely swap between them at any time. Which gives this game a unique dynamic. Each character can be built out with various skills and abilities, and each character has strengths that will play better for certain situations.

So you’ll want to spend time and effort to build them both up as much and as often as possible. If you haven’t checked this game out yet, it’s entirely worth it.

Buy Darksiders: Genesis

The best game on Stadia for Adventure/Simulation fans


There’s so much to love about this game it almost feels like it’s too hard to put into words. First off, the art style of the graphics is gorgeous. It is from Thunder Lotus Games, so that was to be expected as it’s two previous games, Jotun and Sundered offered really neat visuals too.

Aside from the graphics, Spiritfarer is a beautiful story where you play Stella, a spiritfarer to the deceased who need to pass on. Your job is to ferry them between worlds, and in doing so you embark on some wonderful adventures.

During your travels, you’ll meet plenty of unique characters with lively personalities. The world is largely explorable and there will be lots to see and do. As an example, you can fish, hunt, mine for resources, harvest crops, cook, and more.

All of this is cute and engaging, but the best part of the game is the story and the emotional connections you make. Spiritfarer asks you to learn to let go as you send those you meet to the afterlife. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll smile with enjoyment for the time you get to spend with your spirit passengers before they move on.

If you love story-driven games, do not miss this one. It’s so different from all the other options on Stadia and is perfect for some relaxing game time that doesn’t require you to be entrenched in too much action.

Buy Spiritfarer

The best game on Stadia for fans of JRPGs

Octopath Traveler

Square Enix has spent many years mastering the craft of the JRPG. And Octopath Traveler is a testament to this effort making it an easy pick for our top 10 Stadia games list.

Sure, for many the Final Fantasy series is and will always be the pinnacle of what Square Enix has to offer in the RPG genre. I’m certainly included in that group. But Octopath Traveler is a very good game and a JRPG unlike any other.

In it you’ll get to experience the adventures of eight different adventurers and play each of their roles in this harrowing saga. It features retro-style graphics but with more of an HD look.

Whether you grew up playing JRPG games or not, this is an excellent title in the genre and a great one to get your feet wet with if you’re new to the space.

Buy Octopath Traveler

The best game on Stadia for fans of open world exploration

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Though Assassin’s Creed 2 is still beloved by many as the best game in the series, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is thought to be a close second for the title of best AC game.

It’s also one of the largest if not the largest game in the series in terms of explorable space. You also get the option to choose between playing a male or female character. Opening up some of the gameplay narrative a little.

It features some of the best combat the AC games have ever had, without straying too far from the type of gameplay you would know and love from earlier titles.

It definitely isn’t required to play earlier Assassin’s Creed games before diving into this one, but it is fun to play them at some point as there will be little callbacks to those earlier games.

Buy Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The best game on Stadia for fans of bullet hell shooters

Just Shapes & Beats

  • Price: $19.99 or free w/ Stadia Pro
  • Buy/Claim: Stadia.com

Just Shapes & Beats mixes two very popular and iconic genres of games with rhythmic music games and bullet hell shooters.

The basis of the game is a bullet hell shooter with some rhythmic flare. It’s also co-op which means you can take on the challenges with a friend. Your goal is to avoid the onslaught of shapes that are being fired towards you like a barrage while you jam out to some awesome music.

Gameplay supports up to four players with co-op and you can play online or offline. You can also play the game solo in the campaign mode if you want or try your hand at completing any of the many different challenges all by your lonesome.

There are 35 different stages to beat, and over 20 different licensed tracks from chiptune and EDM artists. If you like rhythm games, shmups, and co-op gameplay, check out Just Shapes & Beats. You won’t be disappointed, and it’s one of the less expensive games on Stadia at $19.99, or free if you’re a Pro member.

Buy Just Shapes & Beats

The best game on Stadia for fans of gory first-person shooters

DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal arrived on Stadia in all its glory back on March 20, the same day it launched on other platforms.

If you played DOOM 2016, then this is everything that game was and more. Complete with even more gory combat and graphics, harder levels, even more demons, and loads and loads of ways to kill them.

Plus, DOOM Eternal on Stadia is included in the Twitch Prime loot that Bethesda is releasing every month. So you can get some of those cool skins, like the Doomicorn Slayer that launched alongside the game, or the upcoming Mullet Slayer that lands at the end of May.

If you want a challenge when it comes to a first-person shooter, look no further than DOOM Eternal. It’s full of wicked encounters that will test your mettle.

Stadia is finally starting to get a larger library of games, and so far DOOM Eternal is the best one that’s on offer and why we chose it for the number one spot on our top 10 list.

This is a game you do not want to miss and, you can pick it up on a deal right now for just $44.99. Keep in mind that these Pro member deals don’t last forever, so that could change rather quickly. If you want to save some cash, grab the game now while it’s less expensive.

Buy DOOM Eternal