Stream EPIX For Two Months For Only $2, Thanks To Amazon Prime Video

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For a limited time, Amazon is allowing you to get two months of EPIX for just a dollar per month. So that’s $2 for streaming 60-days worth of EPIX movies and other content.

This offer ends on October 27, and after your two months are up, it’ll cost you $5.99 per month. So it’s a good idea to cancel before those two months are up. Unless, of course, you want to keep EPIX.

EPIX has a ton of great movies available to watch. This includes originals like Belgravia and Pennyworth. There’s also other movies like The Hustle, Rocketman, Child’s Play, A Madea Family Funeral, The Avengers, Thor, Creed II, Trial By Fire among many more.


This is a movie streaming premium network, which offers new movies each and every month. And for just $6 normally, you’re getting a lot of content here. And now that is just a buck for the first two months, it makes it a really great deal. And a great way to check out EPIX and see if it is worth keeping around longer. There are no ads here, which is why it is not included in your cable or Pay TV subscription.

EPIX is also available on most platforms. This includes Android and iOS so you can watch on your phone. As well as Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation 4 and much more. Allowing you to watch it just about everywhere.

Now one of the great things about signing up for EPIX through Amazon Prime Channels is the fact that you’re going to be able to pause or cancel it through Amazon Prime Video Channels, instead of needing to use the EPIX app. And if you have many channels that you are subscribed too, it makes it much easier to control them all in one place. Not to mention the fact that EPIX content is also available on the Amazon Prime Video app.


You can sign up for EPIX by clicking here. You will need to be a Prime Video subscriber already, otherwise you will need to sign up for that too.

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