Here's All The Free Games Stadia Pro Members Get

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Stadia Pro members get free games every single month to make the subscription a little sweeter. This type of offering is not too unlike Sony’s PlayStation Plus monthly subscription.

Where players get at least one or two games every month for free. Stadia may still be continuing to grow its game library, but it’s ramped up releases quite a bit since the beginning of this year, and some of those have been games that were added to the Pro list as free games.

The list is actually quite large at the moment in what you get at no cost. The one caveat is that you need to keep your Pro subscription active if you want to play those games.


Should it ever lapse you lose access. You don’t however lose the games, as they’ll still be there if you ever decide to sign back up. Here’s every single game you can pick up at no cost right now if you’re a Pro member.

Here are all the games Stadia Pro Members get for free

Stadia Pro Games

With a fast-growing library of available titles, Stadia keeps getting better and better. And Pro members get the best of what’s on offer thanks to freebies.

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Since there are so many free games to claim though, we’ve decided to list them all here so you don’t miss out on a chance to snag them. Why pass up free games after all? Especially if you’re going to keep the Pro membership active.

Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares is the newest Pro title to join the list as it was just pushed out to Stadia Pro members recently. It’s an adventure title that has lots of spooky horror themes and is sure to be a lot of fun if you enjoy games that fit in that genre.

Journey To The Savage Planet

Journey To The Savage Planet feels a little bit like No Man’s Sky lite. It doesn’t have nearly the same scale of exploration since you can’t really traverse the galaxy. But you do get to explore the entirety of the single planet the game is based around.


You’ll need to collect resources, discover new lifeforms, defend against hostile lifeforms and craft and upgrade gear and the like. If you’ve ever wondered about the vastness of space, and what can be found within it, this game is for you.

Cthulu Save Christmas

This is a JRPG where  you play as an unlikely hero, Cthulu, who sets out to save Christmas, just as the title suggests. It features turn-based combat and retro-style pixel graphics you’d see on most games in the Super NES days.

There’s plenty of comedic value in the game’s dialogue and loads of fun gameplay if turn-based JRPG titles are your thing.


Enter The Gungeon

All-out mayhem in a retro-style top down shooter. Filled with all manner of guns and weapon types to dispose of enemies as you descend into the depths of the gungeon.

You’ll encounter challenging enemies and even more challenging bosses. While fun, Enter The Gungeon is not for the weak. It’s a bullet hell roguelike game. Which means there’s a fairly sizeable level of challenge involved. If you’re not into difficult games, there are plenty of other excellent options Pro members get for free.

Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light

Lara Croft in a way some have never seen her before. As part of a team in a co-op isometric action adventure puzzle game. It still has loads of the puzzles and treasure hunting vibes you’d expect from a Tomb Raider title.


But you can play with a friend which could make things a little more fun.


Figment is a quirky adventure game that gives off some serious adventure time vibes. It includes wooden swords, musical boss fights and puzzles to solve. As well as some very visually appealing graphics that have a hand-drawn look to them.

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale

This is a cute and lighthearted stealth game where you play as a little boy who is trying to reunite with his lost mother. The game is depicted as non-violent, so you can’t use weapons and there’s no death. Which makes this a perfect game if you’re looking for something to play that can help you relax.



Outcasters is an arena battler that supports up to 8 players. You must take out your enemies and be the last person standing. You can choose from a variety of fun and silly characters, and solidify your win as well as the downfall of your opponents thanks to a collection of weird and wonderful power-ups.

Submerged: Hidden Depths

Through and through this is simply an exploration game that tasks you with setting sail and seeking out adventure. The world is yours to explore and there are tons of new things for you to find throughout the game’s many beautifully crafted environments.

This is the ultimate game to play if you want a relaxing gaming experience. Since there’s no combat and no threat of demise.



If you want more space games, with some depth, Everspace is that game. This is a sandbox adventure/simulation game where you can explore the far reaches of the galaxy and the only limits you really have are your imagination.

Scour the vast emptiness of space for resources, build and upgrade your ships, and even engage in some pretty intense space battles.

Monster Jam Steel Titans

Racing, monster trucks, and destruction. That’s Monster Jam Steel Titans. Pick from a varied collection of different monster trucks and take to the dirt roads and packed arenas to claim victory over your opponents.

With a mix of racing and stunt challenges, this game is sure to provide even a little bit of enjoyment for just about anyone.

Ary And The Secret Of Seasons Trailer

This is an adventure game where you play as Ary, a little girl who, as you progress through the game, will learn to harness the power of the seasons to her advantage. Use these powers to solve puzzles and defeat enemies as you explore the world of Valdi.

Super Bomberman R Online

Super Bomberman is a beloved franchise that has been around since the Super Nintendo. This version for Stadia is an exclusive title that mirrors the Super Bomberman R version for Nintendo Switch.

Except it has a few exclusive features not available there. One of those being the large-scale 64-player battles. If you’re up for some crazy bomb tossing fun, claim this freebie while you can.

Hello Neighbor

If you like stealth action adventure and you enjoy slightly more lighthearted plots, check out Hello Neighbor.

It centers around a kid who believes his neighbor is up to no good. So he constantly tries to sneak into his home to find something. But the neighbor seems to be onto him and tries to capture him.

As the kid in this scenario, it’s your job to find what you’re looking for and avoid getting caught. Do you have what it takes?

Hitman – The Complete First Season

Hitman needs no introduction most of the time, but not everyone has played this wonderful series of games.

This particular version of Hitman is the first season in the first title of the remakes. You’ll (naturally) play as Agent 47 and go around accepting and completing your contract killings without getting caught.

You’re an assassin after all. And you wouldn’t be a very good one if you got caught.


Cyberpunk volleyball with guns. Need we say more? Of course not. That opening pretty much explains itself.

But there is more to the game worth mentioning. Gunsport has a diverse cast of characters you can play, and a pretty rad soundtrack that definitely has an 80s vibe to it.

Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break

Rock Of Ages 3 is a quirky game that is basically a competitive tower defense game.

You can build up your own levels while attempting to destroy everyone else’s. The strange mix of tower defense and racing boulders is sure to be good zany fun between you and some friends.

Online play supports up to four players, or you can keep things simple and play through single player content.

Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight is one of Stadia’s newest additions, and at the same time one of the newest additions to the list of free Stadia Pro games as it was just launched on the platform on October 1.

Delight in 4v4 multiplayer horror as you and a few others try to stay alive through the night, all while being hunted down by a ravenous killer. The game features villains from popular horror films and culture, changing environments, and a unique third-person vs first-person perspective.

Survivors get to move around in third-person while the killer stocks their prey in first-person. Ff you dig multiplayer games and subscribe to Pro, give this one a shot.

Human: Fall Flat Stadia Edition

A puzzle game that is also part platformer, Human: Fall Flat turns each level into a floating dreamscape.

No two stages are alike, and you can play single player or with up to 16 other players if you want a bit more of a challenge.


This is the third game in the franchise and takes all of the action from the first two games and cranks it up to unimaginable levels.

SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE promises to add in more story elements and deliver more understanding of its universe. Alongside all the craziness of the combat that you’ll be flooded with in each and every part of the game of course.

Strange Brigade

If adventure games are your thing then you may enjoy Strange Brigade. It mixes together third-person action adventure with puzzles, set in 1930s Egypt.

You play as a team of adventurers called the strange brigade trying to uncover mysteries and make exciting discoveries as you fight off the undead enemies brought forth by Seteki the Witch Queen.

You can play single player or you can play multiplayer with up to four other people.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG needs little introduction for most, but if you do happen to be unfamiliar with the game, it’s a battle royale third-person shooter where you drop in on a large map and try to be the last person standing.

You have to fight against 99 other players to become the winner. Though there are modes where you can play with a squad of friends and play against other teams.

When you parachute in you land with no gear or weapons, and you’ll have to salvage for everything you need to stay alive.


This is another new game for Pro members as it was just added to the list of free games on October 1.

Celeste is a retro-style platformer from the makers of TowerFall, featuring awesome 2D sprite graphics and lighthearted gameplay.

You play as Madeline, who is attempting to make it to the top of Celeste Mountain to uncover its secrets. On your way to the top, you encounter no shortage of obstacles in the form of enemies, and treacherous terrain. So tread lightly and watch your step.

Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris

This isn’t like your typical Tomb Raider games. It features a top down isometric camera view, and you control a team of four different characters. One of them being Lara Croft.

Your goal is to explore the Temple of Osiris and along the way you’ll have to solve numerous puzzles to advance the narrative and move onto new areas. You also have to fight off waves of enemies at every turn.

You can also play single player or with up to three other players online.

Orcs Must Die! 3

Orcs Must Die! 3 is a hybrid of action and tower defense that follows on the path of the gameplay from the first two mainline games in the franchise.

Fight off hundreds of orcs in War Scenarios as they try to breach your castle walls, and use every tool at your disposal to stop them.

The game also features a new story that is set two decades after the events of Orcs Must Die! 2. So there’s new narrative to enjoy and brand-new characters to play as. You also get new weapons in the form of War Machines, as well as various other tools of destruction.

Crayta: Premium Edition

Crayta is a game where you essentially build mini games that you can play with other people. It lets you, the player, have almost complete control over the creativity inbuilding the world of your games.

You can invite others to your games for them to test them out, or you can join other games that people have created. If you’ve ever been interested in game creation, this is a fun game to test those waters.

West of Loathing

At its base West of Loathing is basically an RPG game, but it’s not like what you might typically think of in the realm of RPGs. It has a goofy western theme with stick figure drawings for characters and landscapes, and is meant to be a comedy-filled ride that delivers enjoyment through laughter.

If you have a taste for the truly out there game titles, you should find this one funny and worth your time.

Just Shapes & Beats

This is a rhythm game through and through, but it’s so much more than that. Just Shapes & Beats is really a bullet hell shooter with rhythm-like game mechanics weaved in.

Avoid certain death for as long as possible while you groove out to the music of the game’s sound track.

Metro: Last Light Redux

Metro: 2033 Redux may no longer be part of Stadia Pro, but Metro: Last Light Redux, its successor, is. This sequel builds off the popularity of the original first-person shooter title, but throws in more mayhem.

The story of the first game continues as you follow Artyom through the perils of the Moscow metro after a massive nuclear war. This is the Redux version so it also carries the remastered graphics and all of the DLC that was released for the original version of Metro: Last Light.

Panzer Dragoon: Remake

This is a remake of the original game and stays true to just about everything about it, but it comes with update graphics and controls.

Gaming has changed over the years, and with it visuals have gotten much better, and the way you control your characters and interact with the world of the game has changed as well. The Panzer Dragoon: Remake is overhauled to fit all these new changes.

But is every bit as fun as the original.

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is all about confronting your childhood fears. However crazy or unrealistic they might have been, they come to life in little Nightmares and it’s your job to overcome them.

This is a dark adventure game with some platforming mechanics, tons of spooky moments, and some pretty fun graphics.


The original SUPERHOT. Yes, it’s still available for free with a Stadia Pro subscription, and is a good entry point into the series now that SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE is part of Pro as well.

The recommendation is to start with this one and get a feel for the game. Fall in love with it. Then dive into the next one. You won’t be disappointed.

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

If you grew up with the Power Rangers, the original live-action series, you may have always wanted to be a Power Ranger. While there have been numerous games built on this franchise over the years, this is the latest and it’s a fighting game with exceptional graphics and some super fun combat.

Featuring just about every Power Ranger variant that’s ever been introduced, along with the villains and other supporting characters. If you enjoy fighting games then this is a pretty good time.

Jotun: Valhalla Edition

Jotun is the story of a Viking warrior who died an inglorious death. Stuck in purgatory, you must help her defeat overwhelming odds and difficult bosses so that she can make her way to Valhalla.

You only have a large two-sided axe, and your cunning and determination. Boss fights and other challenges you encounter won’t be easy at first. But persistence is key here.


Embr is an interesting game in which you play the role of a gig economy firefighter. You use an app to contract jobs from people that need help, and must save individuals from burning buildings.

You have multiple tools to help you get the job done, like water guns, and there are various tasks to complete (some of them optional) in each stage. There’s a lot of comedy in the gameplay in this one as well so it’s also good for a laugh.

SteamWorld Dig 1 & 2 + SteamWorld Quest

Three of the four SteamWorld games on Stadia are part of Pro, and this includes SteamWorld Dig 1 & 2, as well as SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech. While the first two games are more about digging through the world and mining your way to the top filled with riches, SteamWorld Quest is more of a side-scrolling RPG, where you have a party of characters like you would in a JRPG style game, complete with character progression, unique abilities and more.

Destiny 2: The Collection

Destiny 2: The Collection is one of the very first Stadia Pro free games, launching with the service when it was released last year in November. The collection contains all of the content that is currently available in the game, including the Shadowkeep expansion, and all of its seasons.

Destiny 2’s newest expansion, Beyond Light, launches on November 10. So it’s a good idea to jump in and get started if you’re a new guardian. Destiny 2 is a first-person Action MMO with both single player and multiplayer content, PvE content, and PvP content.

Think of it like an MMO shooter that lets you play the role of a super powerful guardian with devastating abilities who’s trying to save the last safe city on earth from destruction.