SoundPEATS Truly Wireless Earbuds Are 30% Off In This One-Day Sale

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In Amazon's Epic Daily Deals today, you can pick up a pair of truly wireless earbuds from SoundPEATS for as low as $22.99. There are three pairs of truly wireless earbuds here that are up to 30% off of their regular price.

The Epic Daily Deals are replacing the Gold Box Deal of the Day, during the holiday shopping season. So these are good today only and will expire at midnight PST tonight. So you'd better grab them before they are gone.

First up, the SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds are available for $22.99. These are pretty basic truly wireless earbuds. Nothing to fancy with these ones. Hence the price.


Secondly, we have the SOUNDPEATS TrueShift2 Wireless Earbuds for $30.09. These offer a whopping 3000mAh capacity battery in the charging case. So you can use these for quite some time without having to charge the case. That's always nice, especially if you keep these in your gym bag. Additionally, you can use the case to give your phone some extra juice. Though it won't be much, given the size of this battery compared to your smartphone.

Last, we have the SOUNDPEATS Truengine 2 True Wireless Earbuds for $52.39. These offer the best sound quality, thanks to upgraded drivers and better EQ support. These also have wings included on the earbuds, to help keep them in place. This is needed since these earbuds will be hanging out of your ears. They are similar to some of Sony's truly wireless earbuds in that regard.

All three of these earbuds are going to be great for taking to the gym and using while you workout, since they are sweat resistant. And getting a pair of truly wireless earbuds for as little as $23 is nothing to sneeze at (and if you do sneeze, do it into your elbow, please).


You can pick up these SoundPEATS truly wireless earbuds from Amazon by clicking here. 

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