The Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones Are At An Incredible Price Today

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Amazon has the Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones on sale today for just $38. That is a pretty incredible price for these headphones. Considering you’re getting a pair of wireless headphones with some really good bass, for under $40. These normally go for over $50.

The Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones are a really great pair of wireless headphones for a number of reasons. But primarily because of the price and the fact that they are still wireless.

These headphones will last you around 35 hours on a single charge, which is just insane, when you think about it. Keep in mind that there is no active noise cancellation here. And that these are on-ear headphones. So they are also lighter, making it easier to wear these for hours on end. If that wasn’t a good enough reason to buy these, they also use USB-C for charging. Allowing you to use the same charger that you use to charge your smartphone.


Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones have 30mm drivers in each ear cup, so you are able to get some pretty incredible sound out of these headphones. Of course, you’d expect that from a pair of Sony headphones. They are pretty well-known for their sound quality. And the fact that Sony is also a record label. They are going to want their music to sound good on their headphones. So it just makes loads of sense.

These are a great pair of headphones to use while you’re working from home. As well as for taking on the go, since they are pretty small. And with the insane battery life, you can use them all day for a couple of days of work, before needing to recharge them again, which is definitely very useful.

You can pick up the Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones from Amazon today by clicking here. But you’d better hurry as this price is not going to be around for very long.


Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones - Amazon - $38