How To Transfer PS5 Screenshots & Video Clips To Your Phone

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For whatever reason Sony hasn’t made it easy to transfer your PS5 screenshots and video clips to your phone or other mobile devices. It is possible to do. But it’s not as simple as saving them on the console and then they just appear in the PlayStation app. Which is what you might expect would happen.

That being said, it is also possible to get the screenshots to appear there. And in reality there are actually a few ways to move the screenshots and video clips to your device. Some methods are more convoluted than others and take more time. But you should go about it whichever way you feel most comfortable. Or whichever method you’re simply willing to put up with.

If you’re not sure how to transfer your PS5 screenshots and video clips to your mobile devices, this handy guide will walk you through the steps and show you how to get it done. Then you can go about sharing them how you please.


Why transfer your PS5 screenshots and video clips to your mobile device

Sony has a baked in feature for sharing screenshots and videos that you capture on the PS5 and the PS4. However, you only have an option to share with Twitter. If you want to share the content with Facebook, or through texts or other messaging apps, you’re left with having to transfer them off the console.

So transferring them allows you the ability to share them how you like. Let’s get started.

How to transfer your PS5 screenshots and video clips to your mobile device

The transfer process isn’t terribly difficult but it can take some time depending on how you choose to complete the process. Obviously, start by capturing some content you want to move to your device at some point.


Transfer your captures by USB

PS5 Transfer Screenshots

The first way you can transfer your captured content is by copying it to a USB drive. This is the most lengthy process, but it really only takes a few minutes. Even less if you already have everything set up.

Plug a USB into your PS5

Whether you’ve got a USB drive or USB to SD card adapter or something similar, as long as you can plug it into the PS5 through one of the USB ports, it’s usable. Be aware that you will have to format it though if it’s your first time using it with the console. Find a USB storage device you can plug in and insert it into one of the console’s open ports.


Tap the PlayStation button to bring up the Control Center

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If you’ve already got content you want to transfer off of the PS5, tap the PlayStation button on the DualSense controller to bring up the Control Center. This will always have whatever your last screenshot or video clip was available to view in one of the cards. Sometimes it’ll be the first one, other times it’ll be at the end of the list.

Find the media card to move on.


Click the “Go To Media Gallery” button

PS5 Screenshots Transfer 1

On the media card you’ll find a button that allows you to open the media gallery. Click this and open the media gallery to get to all of your saved screenshots and video clips.

Select the content you want to transfer to a USB

PS5 Screenshots Transfer 8


Next, select all of the content you want to transfer over to a USB. There will be a button with a little checkbox that’s labeled Select Multiple. Click that to enable check boxes next to each piece of media you want to transfer, if there’s more than one.

Hit the three-dot button and select copy to USB drive

PS5 Screenshots Transfer 9

Once you have all of the media selected that you want to transfer, move over to the right side of the screen and click the three-dot button. Where you’ll find an option to copy all of that media over to a USB storage drive. Depending on how many files you’ve selected and how big each file is, this can take some time. How fast the drive’s read and write speeds are can also impact how long this takes.


Plug the USB drive into a PC

Next, if you have a PC, plug the USB drive into it and transfer all of the contents from the PS5 screenshots folder on it to a location on the PC that’s easy to find. I usually create a new folder on the desktop for this purpose, and then move everything to that.

Upload the media files to a cloud storage service or app

Whether you use something like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or other similar services and apps, you simply want to upload all of the content from the PS5 folder you created.

Download the content to your mobile device using the corresponding cloud app

Lastly, you can download the screenshots and video clips to your mobile device using the same app or service you uploaded them to using your PC. Now you have all of that media on your smartphone or tablet and you can do with it as you wish. Share it. Save it. Edit it. If you don’t have a PC, there’s an alternative way to move them from the USB to your mobile device below.


Plug the USB drive into your mobile device

If you don’t have a PC, you can transfer the screenshots and video clips directly to your mobile device using a USB-A to USB-C adapter. Or a USB-A to micro USB adapter if your device still uses a micro USB port. You can even get an adapter that’s compatible with iPhones.

Once it’s plugged in, simply open your phone or tablet’s files application, and look for the external storage device folder. Then find, select, and move all of the screenshots and video clips to a folder of your choosing on the mobile device. Unplug the USB drive, and you’re done.

Transfer your screenshots and video clips through the PlayStation app

If you don’t want to go through all of the steps above to transfer the media, there’s a quicker way. But it involves including someone else in the process.

Open a message, select the media, then hit the send button

PS5 Screenshots Transfer 10
PS5 Screenshots Transfer 11
PS5 Screenshots Transfer 10
PS5 Screenshots Transfer 11

Once you have the media selected that you want to transfer to your mobile device, hit the Share button on the DualSense controller.

Select the messages option to share the content with someone on your friends list. Then hit send.

Launch the PlayStation app on your mobile device

Now that you’ve shared the content with a friend, open up the PlayStation app and go to the messages feature. All of your conversations that happen on the PS5 will be listed here so you can interact with them. Find the conversation with the friend you shared your media with.

Hit the download button

PS5 Screenshots Transfer 12

Once you’re viewing each screenshot or video clip in the messages feature of the PlayStation app, there’s a download button you can tap to download that content. Now it’s on your mobile device and you can share it elsewhere or just save it to show friends in person.

If you have a friend that doesn’t mind receiving messages from you once in a while for this purpose, it’s much faster than copying everything to a USB. Plus it’s completely wireless so you don’t have to plug anything in.

Transfer your screenshots and video clips though Twitter

The final method for transferring your screenshots and video clips is by first sharing the content with Twitter. This is yet another quick way to move the content over to your mobile device. Having done this a few times personally, it’s quick and painless.

There is a caveat though. If you want to download video clips, you’ll need an app for it. On Android there are quite a few options. So find one you like and you can use that to download the clips you share to your own personal Twitter feed.

Hit the share button on your DualSense controller

PS5 Screenshots Transfer 7

Once you have the content you want transfer selected, hit the Share button your DualSense controller. Then, share it with Twitter and create a post that will pop up on your timeline.

Launch Twitter and download your screenshots

PS5 Screenshots Transfer 13

Once the post has been shared, just launch the Twitter app on your phone or tablet and find your post on your profile. If it’s a screenshot, you’ll be able to download it natively without any extra apps. If it’s a video clip, you’ll need to have an app that allows you to download Twitter videos, as the official Twitter app itself doesn’t include this capability.

And that’s pretty much it. Three different methods for transferring your screenshots and video clips from your PS5 to your mobile device. Each one a little different, but all relatively easy. Now go forth and share all those awesome PS5 gameplay moments.