Everything That's New With The Big September Update For PS5


By now you may have seen that Sony is putting out a mega system update this week for the PS5, landing sometime in the morning or afternoon of September 15. We’re calling it the Big September update, for, well obvious reasons. It’s a big update and it’s in the middle of September.

While you can read our original announcement post about the update here, we also wanted to put out a post that details all the changes with the update. Here’s every single thing coming with tomorrow’s big September update for the PS5. And trust us, this is an update you’re going to want to take full advantage of.

The big September update for PS5 includes expandable storage via M.2 SSD

Sony PS5 September Update M 2 Storage


If you’re already on the beta update software, then you already have access to this. But if you’re not, then the expanded storage is going to be new to you. This will allow you to store and play PS5 and PS4 games from the M.2 SSD you install.

Unlike the external storage that you could plug into any open USB port on the console since it launched. Which allowed you to store and play PS4 games, but only store PS5 games. The benefits of using the M.2 SSD aren’t hard to pick out.

Aside from playing PS5 games, it keeps things neat and tidy since you don’t have to plug anything into the console’s ports. And the load and run times for games are likely to be a lot faster. Since the M.2 SSD drives that the console needs are probably faster than using most external options.


The M.2 SSD you use has to meet certain requirements. Of which only so many drives do. You can check out our how to guide for installing the drive if you want to learn more.

You can now customize the Control Center

The Control Center on the PS5 is one of the console’s many ingenious design decisions. Offering players quick access to many useful features without forcing them to leave the game and go to a different screen.

With tomorrow’s update, Sony is making it possible to customize the Control Center. This customization includes being able to rearrange the order of the items in the Control Center, as well as dictate which ones you want to hide and unhide.


Message friends and party members right from the Game Base

Sony PS5 September Update Game Base

The Game Base is another new feature with the PS5. And it’s basically a hub for accessing your friends list and parties. But up until now with the September update, PS5 users had to open Game Base full screen. Following tomorrow’s update players can message friends and parties from the Game Base in the Control Center directly.

Saving them time, and making it easier to jump right back into a game when they’re done.


Clear labels for PS5 and PS4 versions of the same game

One of the more minor changes is the addition of clear labels for cross-generation versions of the same game. Let’s say you have both the PS4 and PS5 versions of Ghost Of Tsushima installed. With this update, there will now be a tag on both versions, stating which one is PS4 and which one is PS5.

In addition, this change will be visible from the homescreen as well as in the Game Library via the installed tab.

The September PS5 update adds new screen reader controls

Another change coming is the addition of new screen reader controls. By simply pressing the PS button and the triangle button simultaneously, you can pause and resume the feature if you have it enabled.


And while it’s active, you can simultaneously press the PS button and the R1 button to have it repeat what it reads on the screen. This should make it a lot more convenient to use. And give you an easy way to pause it should you somehow accidentally stumble into turning it on.

Be the leader you were always meant to be

PS5 September Update Accolades

Leading can be hard. Even in video games. But some were destined to be leaders, and despite the challenges that comes with, players now have a way to show recognition to other players they deem worthy of the title.


With this update, PlayStation’s Accolades system is adding a fourth accolade type. Aptly named ‘Leader,’ players can award this new accolade to others after an online match where they felt leadership was displayed. The accolade can then be seen on that player’s profile along with all of the others.

Test your setup for PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a great way to introduce yourself to some new games you may not have played before. But you probably want to know if your network is going to provide you with a quality experience while using the service. At least before subscribing.

The good news is that the update includes a new PlayStation Now resolution selector and connection test tool. With this you can test your network for use with PlayStation Now and see if it’s up to par. Then move on to selecting which resolution you want to use for games to help deliver the best overall experience for your particular setup.


The console will now auto-capture your biggest gaming moments

PS5 September Update Personal Best

The PS5’s personal best feature is a pretty cool one if you often find yourself trying to improve your own times or scores on challenges. And with the new system software, the PS5 will automatically capture a video of your personal best whenever you get one of those improvements.

Players can share these videos, or turn the automatic capture off entirely if they want to.

Stay on top of trophies with the new tracker

PS5 September Update Trophy Tracker

One feature in particular that I have been enjoying is the new trophy tracker. You’ll be able to see this new tracker card right when you bring up the Control Center.

It correlates to the game you’re currently playing, so long as there are any trophies left there to acquire. If there are, you can click the toggle to track them. You can only track up to five at a time though. So this is definitely meant to help players move along their trophy acquisition on a game to game basis.

Whether you’re new to trophy hunting or a seasoned player, this is your new best friend.

Use the enhanced 3D Audio without headphones

3D Audio Measurement
3D Audio Equalizer
3D Audio Measurement
3D Audio Equalizer

The PS5’s 3D Audio has forever been limited to the use of headphones. If you wanted that more spatial, immersive feel to the sound in your games, you needed a headset. That’s not a huge deal considering there are a lot of good options. That’s also provided you don’t mind wearing a headset.

If you’re prefer not to, or at least only when needed, the update will usher in the era of 3D Audio for TV speakers. Letting you experience the best sound the PS5 has to offer through your TV speakers or connected sound system. Honestly, it makes a pretty noticeable difference. Even using it with crappy built-in monitor speakers made the audio feel more alive.

However, there is still a benefit to using a headset. Because headset users will gain access to the new equalizer feature for 3D Audio. Letting you flip through a preconfigured list of EQ Presets, or manually adjust the varying frequencies yourself. Sony only mentions this in conjunction with the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. So for now this might be limited to the Pulse 3D.

Remote Play gets a couple of improvements

Whether you’ve loved or hated it, Remote Play has been here to stay. Sony is bolstering its viability as a second-screen gaming option by introducing the ability to stream games with the Remote play app over a mobile data connection.

Your carrier’s network will need to provide at least 5Mbps download for speeds. Though, Sony does recommend at least 15Mbps for download and upload if you want a noticeably better experience. And in reality you might need speeds that are much higher than that.

Remote Play will also now let players choose what resolution quality they want games to stream at. This is intended to help players manage the amount of mobile data consumed by the service. If you’re not on an unlimited plan, this management tool is for you.

Worth keeping in mind is that even if your network speeds are good, that won’t necessarily translate to a seamless Remote Play experience.

Watch your friends play PS5 through Share Screen broadcasts in the PS app

Share Screen is a neat new feature with the PS5. And it can be used in quite a few unique ways. For example, if two players in a party are playing a game together, they can each view the other’s Share Screen broadcast. That way they always have awareness of what’s happening to their teammate.

This update will add the capability for users to view Share Screen broadcasts through the PS app. However, Sony isn’t rolling this out until September 23. When the rollout starts it will roll out globally though. So all users should get access at the same time.