Chris Yackulic

CEO / Publisher / Owner

I am a Canadian transplanted to Los Angeles, California. I founded in 2009 and it has grown into an International Success. I became an Android enthusiast since I got my first Google Phone the G1, it inspired me to start the website and I never looked back. My hobbies & interests consist of the learning about new technologies, smartphones, computers, business, marketing, NHL, NFL and reading. My favorite Android products are the Google Nexus line but am constantly trying new devices weekly from around the World.

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Justin Diaz

Head Editor

Justin loves craft beer, food, video games(of all kinds and platforms), and generally anything technological, and has been a fan of Android since the T-mobile G1. Game of Thrones is one of his vices, and you can usually find him playing a match of League of Legends or some other game during parts of his free time. He currently uses a Sony Xperia Z3 as his daily driver which he is deeply fond of.

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Kristijan Lucic

Europe & Asia Editor

I've always been interested in technology but when I got my first Android phone years ago I was hooked. Mobile technology has been my first priority ever since. I'm currently using the OnePlus 3T handset, and I like it quite a bit, though I'm used to smaller phones, so... it's not exactly ideal for me as far as size is concerned. Other than technology I also enjoy football, movies and TV shows, along with socializing with my friends and family.

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Nick Sutrich

Event / Reviews Editor

I've been into games and technology since before I could spell, and while I've had my share of technology allegiances throughout the years Android is the OS I call home. I started off my Android journey with an HTC G2 (Vision for the International crowd), and have loved the OS ever since. I live with my wife and son in beautiful Asheville.

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Dominik Bosnjak


A native Croat, technology enthusiast, language lover, passionate gamer, and beer aficionado; also a current owner of several Galaxy devices and one silly Shih Tzu who's been working as a journalist and a translator for the better part of the last decade (I did, the dog still isn't interested in getting a job). You can find me on Twitter @dddominikk.

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Cory McNutt

Senior Staff Writer

I am Pittsburgh born and raised except for a 21-year detour through the VA/DC area. I have loved technology and gadgets my entire life, especially mobile devices. I have loved all things Android since I purchased my Motorola Bionic on the day it was release. I now sport a Moto Z Force that you would have to pry out of my cold, dead hands! I love the excitement each day of what new Android devices will be released, and then I get write about those devices...does life get any better?

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Kishalaya Kundu

Senior Staff Writer

I've always been a tech buff and have been building my own PCs since as far back as I can remember. My first computer was a home-built desktop running MS-DOS on which I learnt to program in GW-BASIC and my interests apart from technology include automobiles and sports.

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Mihai Matei

Senior Staff Writer

Technology and consumer electronics have been a part of my identity for more than a couple of decades, ever since I got my hands on a dusty Atari 2600 console. The ever-changing Android scene got the best of me several years ago and led me to become a tech news writer. Aside from my Android-related activities, I enjoy the occasional travel and doodling on my Wacom tablet.

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Daniel Fuller

Senior Staff Writer

I'm a fairly stereotypical nerd who happens to love Android. A lot. Like, really a lot. I'm also into video games, anime, literature, martial arts and music. I'm a budding musician and writer, as well, so check out my blog for samples of my work so far. Feel free to reach out to me via social media. You can also find me in a good number of online games such as Avabel, DC Heroes Online and Defiance as either DannyJayFuller or Arven Repner. I love making new friends!

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Joshua Swingle

Staff Writer

Ever since I went on the hunt for my first smartphone 4 years ago, I fell in love with Android, smartphones, and everything in between. Now there is nothing I love more than to read and write about Android and mobile tech as a whole.

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Daniel Golightly

Staff Writer

Technology has been an obsession for me, in all of its forms, for most of my life. I enjoy gaming, playing guitar, messing around with home screen customization on my HTC 10, or playing around with anything else that has electricity running through it or engineering behind it. Android has held a special place in my heart from the first device I bought - an HTC Evo.

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Raeanne Carter


I've always been into technology, ever since I got my first phone, which was an LG Chocolate. I've been with Android ever since and I now own a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. When I'm not writing or reading about technology, I spend my free time writing novels, playing badminton or watching anime.

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Caroline So


A full-time mom, freelance writer, and a beauty blogger, writing is more than just a job but a medium to release my passion. Aside from writing, I also use makeup to express myself. And for my device, Android works best for covering every hobby, interest, job, and everything in between.