Protect Your Home With 40% Off The Ring Alarm Pro

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Amazon is discounting a few different bundles of the Ring Alarm Pro today. Allowing you to save up to 40% on some of these bundles. So now is a great time to start securing your home.

The Ring Alarm Pro is available in a 8-piece, 13-piece and 14-piece kit. The 8-piece kit is $239.99, while the 13-piece is $319 and the 14-piece kit is $299. The 13-piece kit is actually more expensive, because it adds in an eero WiFi 6 extender, which drives the price up a bit higher.

Now there is one other bundle available today for the Ring Alarm Pro. That’s the 8-piece kit with the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and the Echo Show 5, which is combining for a $439 price tag. They all work together quite nicely.


The Ring Alarm Pro is different from the regular Ring Alarm in one big way, it has an eero built-in. eero is a mesh WiFi system, so having that built-in to your alarm system is key. As it means that you’re going to get better range for your alarm system, and it kinda kills two birds with one stone. As you don’t need to use another outlet for your router. This is especially useful if you have a larger home, and are using the backyard for some parts of the Ring Alarm Pro.

What’s also great about the Ring Alarm Pro is that it is DIY. Meaning you won’t need to pay a company to install it, nor to keep tabs on your home and call emergency services when something goes wrong. And you can control it all with the Ring app, as well as with Amazon Alexa. Making home security a whole lot easier.

You can pick up the Ring Alarm Pro in its Prime Day sale by clicking here. This sale won’t last long though.


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