Don't Miss Out On This Galaxy Tab S7 Sale!

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The Microsoft Store currently is selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 for as low as $349. That’s cutting $300 off of the regular price. Making this a pretty insane price for anyone looking for a new tablet.

It’s worth mentioning that this deal is for the Galaxy Tab S7 only, not the higher-end Galaxy Tab S7+. This is the 11-inch LCD tablet from Samsung. It is available in 128GB, 256GB or 512GB models.

Microsoft is allowing you to build your own bundle with the Galaxy Tab S7. You can of course stick with just the tablet for $349 to $829 depending on the storage. And that comes with Office  365. You can then choose to add a longer subscription of Office 365 to your bundle, which is 15 months for $50. You also have the choice of adding the Keyboard Cover, which is definitely something you’ll want. Next up is the MOGA game controller which comes with three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included, for $69.99, and finally you have some other accessories that you can add to your tablet purchase.


The Galaxy Tab S7 is a fine tablet to pick up. It has an 11-inch display, the Snapdragon 865 chipset inside, with 6GB of RAM on the 128GB model or 8GB on the 256GB or 512GB models. It also has a beefy 8000mAh capacity battery inside, which should keep you running all day and then some.

Samsung has also outfitted the Galaxy Tab S7 with quad speakers, tuned by AKG. These are Dolby Atmos speakers, which is going to make the sound experience on the Galaxy Tab S7 pretty impressive. That makes the Galaxy Tab S7 a really great tablet for consuming content, and getting work done, since it does also support wireless DeX.

You can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and build your bundle on Microsoft’s website by clicking here. 


Galaxy Tab S7 - Microsoft - $349