Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Everything You Need To Know

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are officially here and are more than ready to replace your old true wireless earbuds. Or at least they will be once sales of the new wearables open up. But, in the interim, the question remains of whether or not you really should upgrade. And what exactly do these Samsung buds bring to the table?

To begin with, the new Galaxy Buds 2 bring a completely new design that’s clearly iterating on their predecessors.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, Galaxy Buds 2 keeps a bean-like shape. But that’s a smoother, more curvy design this time around, with rounded edges that more closely resemble Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro or Galaxy Buds Live.


That should, at the very least, equate to a more comfortable fit. As should the low weight. Although Samsung also claims the new design aids in the delivery of “premium sound quality” that’s better than ever. But the design of these new earbuds is something you can see for yourself in the images here. So let’s take a deeper look at the other aspects of this new Samsung wearable.

What extra features can you expect and what are the audio components here?

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In terms of internals, Samsung packed its Galaxy Buds 2 with a dual-driver for 2-way audio. That’s more advanced than what many in the industry are offering in its price bracket, at least on paper. And the drivers themselves are going to be on par with some of the best in the business too. They include an 11mm woofer and a 6.3mm tweeter. For comparison, most earbuds offer between a 9mm and 12mm single driver.


The advanced arrangement also carries over to the mics. Each bud is equipped with three mics in total. Two of those are external and one is internal. That, in turn, undoubtedly helps drive the Earbud fit test feature found in the Galaxy Wearable app. Which itself is used as a way of helping users find the proper fitting bud tip. And, of course, that should lend to clearer audio in calls and video chats too. Especially with Samsung’s machine learning solution packed in. That helps take noise cancellation on calls even further.

Now, Samsung says that those drivers, with tuning by AKG, offer “crisp, clear high notes and a deep bass” for users. But this isn’t all about the audio quality either. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 also offer Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that effectively cancels out environmental noise. While the external mics serve the additional purpose of providing access to adjustable Ambient Sound.

There are three levels of Ambient Sound to choose from, in fact. Each offers varying levels of audio pass-through, helping users to stay aware of their surroundings. Or to have a conversation without stopping the flow of music or other audio.


Will these work with non-Samsung phones?

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 will work with any Bluetooth device. But that doesn’t mean users will get the best experience on all devices. In fact, the company recommends downloading the Galaxy Wearable app from either the Samsung Galaxy Store or the Google Play Store. For Windows users, the Microsoft App Store also has an equivalent app. That’s dubbed the Galaxy Buds PC app.

Outside of those platforms, these earbuds will still work and they should still perform well in terms of audio quality and most features. Although at least a few features will require the apps.


For instance, the above-mentioned Ambient Sound feature actually packs three different levels of intensity. That means that users can adapt the headphones to where they’ll be used. For environments where more attention is required, such as hanging out with friends or cycling on a busy street, the maximum pass-through would be useful. Whereas environments where less situational awareness is required — but it is still required — might warrant a lower level of pass-through.

Regardless, that’s only going to be adjustable in-app. And other advanced features will only be available there too. Samsung hasn’t provided any further specifics. At least not beyond the existence of a tool to help users get the best earbud fit using that app. But the app has historically allowed audio fine-tuning and a more accurate battery readout on-source too. That has previously included deep tuning such as right-left balance adjustments.

How long do Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 last on a single charge?

Battery life is easily among the most important factors to consider when it comes to buying new earbuds. And Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 should get most users through just about everything they want to do while wearing them. But the battery life here isn’t equal either. At least not in terms of features.


With active noise canceling turned on, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are rated to last up to five hours. That’s with an additional 20-hours provided by the charging case. Turning ANC off, for those who don’t need it, is going to net a lot more time. In fact, at up to seven-and-a-half hours on a single charge with 29-hours in the case, they’re downright impressive.

Exactly how much time they take to charge, conversely, is more of a mystery. But fast charging is almost certainly included here for the 61mAh earbuds and 472mAh case. And both USB-C wired and Qi-standard wireless charging is part of the bundle. Although, again, there aren’t any specific figures with regard to the charging rate for either, as of this writing. And it’s also worth noting that users will need a wireless charging pad or device with reverse wireless charging will be required for the latter method.

The only metric given by Samsung at launch is that 5-minutes of charging will net one hour of playback.


Are Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 waterproof?

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Now, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 aren’t necessarily “waterproof” but they are quite water-resistant. In fact, they’re rated at IPX7, which falls into the same category as many of Samsung’s smartphones — sans any dust-proof rating. That means that they are rated to survive full immersion up to one meter in depth. That’s just over three feet with testing for that lasting 30-minutes.

Of course, that test and certification don’t mean that these earbuds will survive any longer than that under three feet of water.  And it doesn’t mean that they’ll survive blasts or jets of water or going any deeper under than that either. What it does mean is that getting caught out in the rain or taking part in intense workouts with these earbuds won’t be an issue in terms of liquid penetration.


Although it’s worth bearing in mind that the rating only applies to the earbuds and not to the charging case. The latter of which is not provided with a water protection rating, at all.

What are the specs for Samsung Galaxy Buds 2?

With regard to the pure specs for Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, the table below shows everything we know as of this writing, direct from the company.

AudioDual-driver 2-way audio with 11mm woofer, 6.3mm tweeter
3 mics with two outer mics and one inner
BatteryEarbud: 61mAh
Case: 472mAh charged via USB-C
Up to 7.5 hours (ANC off) – 5 hours (ANC on)
With case – 20 hours – 29 hours
Talk Time;
– Up to 3.5 hours / Total up to 13h (ANC on)
– Up to 3.5 hours / Total up to 14h (ANC off)Charging – USB-C or Qi wireless
1-hour playtime / 5-minute quick charging
SensorsAccelerometer, Gyro, Proximity, Hall, Touch, Voice Pickup Unit
Codec: Scalable (Samsung proprietary), AAC, SBC
Water ResistanceIPX7
In BoxQuickstart guide, USB-C cable, Ear-tips9
ColorsCase: White
Earbud: Graphite, White, Olive, or Lavender
DimensionsWidth: 17 mm (Earbud) 50 mm (Case)
Height: 20.9 mm (Earbud) 50.2 mm (Case)
Depth: 21.1 mm (Earbud) 27.8 mm (Case)
Weight5.0g (Earbud) 41.2g (Case)

What colors are available?

Samsung has said that Galaxy Buds 2 will be available in at least four colors. Those include graphite, olive green, lavender, and white. And each of those variations will pack buds that are fully wrapped in the chosen color. That doesn’t mean there will be much outward personalization to be found though. At the very least, not when the buds aren’t being worn.

Regardless of which colorway users choose, the charge and carry case is going to be white. On the outside. The interior of the charging case is a different matter. That’s been wrapped in the same coloration as the buds that are housed there. So, if buyers pick up the lavender set, the interior of the carry case will be lavender as well. The same holds true for olive green, white, and nearly-black-colored graphite too. Giving the exterior of the buds a more uniform appearance.

Stepping back from that, while still unclear in terms of the specifics, Samsung also assures that more personalized options will be available. Namely, via support for “third-party cases.” That’s vague but could ultimately mean third-party partnerships available direct from Samsung or more personalized carry and charge cases from other Samsung partners directly. More details on those will almost certainly become available in the lead-up to official sales opening up.

How much are the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2?

On pricing, Samsung has set the MSRP at a reasonable $149 to start. That’s for any of the above-mentioned colorways and includes the Quickstart Guide, USB-C charging cable, and the earbuds themselves. That’s in addition to three swappable earbud tips. But users shouldn’t expect to buy these earbuds right away either.

Samsung has set the official launch date for its new wearables at August 27. So users will only need to wait a couple of weeks before buying.