You Can Buy The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery For $159

ring spotlight camera battery

Today, Amazon is taking $40 off of the regular price of the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, making it a really good sale. That brings it down to $159, and that’s the lowest we’ve ever seen for the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery.

The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is a spotlight camera that you can place outside of your home. So instead of only having a camera in front of your home from your doorbell, you can also have one beside or behind it, to capture everything that’s happening around your home.

There are lights on either side of the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, so it does light up when someone walks by, thanks to the motion sensing. But it is not as bright as the other floodlights that Ring has available right now. It does still work pretty well for lighting up around your home.


Now this particular spotlight is not a wired one, allowing you to put it virtually anywhere outside of your home. And that’s a big deal actually. Making it more convenient to put it maybe on the corner of your home, or beside your home. This is battery operated, and Ring says that it should last you a few months on a charge. But it is also pretty easy to take the battery out and recharge it. So that’s not a big deal.

Ring says that if your Spotlight Cam gets stolen, it will replace it free of charge. So you won’t need to worry about it getting stolen. Plus, Ring can see who exactly took it thanks to the camera that is built-in.

You can pick up the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery from this Amazon sale today by clicking here. This price won’t last long though, so you’re going to want to grab it before it is gone.


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