You Can Buy The Roku Premiere 4K HDR Streaming Box For Only $38

roku premiere deal

Walmart, Amazon has the Roku Premiere down to its all-time lowest price. Which is now just $37.88. That is down from its regular price of $49.99. That makes this a really great stocking stuffer to pick up this year, for anyone that might still be on your shopping list.

This is also the cheapest HDMI streaming device you can buy that supports 4K HDR, which alone makes this a really great purchase.

Technically, the Roku Premiere is not a HDMI streaming stick, but it acts the same way. It’s actually a tiny set-top box that sits under your TV. Or you can use some 3M adhesives to attach it to the back of your TV – since you don’t need to point the remote directly at the Roku to use it.


Roku supports all types of streaming services. So you can watch whatever you like on the Roku, and it is also great for those that are looking to cut the cord. Roku now supports Disney+, Apple TV+ and Peacock. In addition to those three services, it also has access to a number of other services. Like YouTube, YouTube TV, Hulu, Netflix, WWE Network, SHOWTIME Anywhere, HBO MAX (finally!) and much more. So there’s plenty of content to watch.

In addition to this, Roku also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control your smart home products from your TV. Unfortunately, these assistants can’t be used to control your Roku though. Which makes sense since neither one makes Roku. But you can control your TV, depending on the Roku device you are using and if you have a sound bar.

Finally, Roku also supports Cast from any device. Much like a Chromecast or Android TV device, you can easily cast to Roku.


You can pick up the Roku Premiere from Amazon by clicking here. 

Roku Premiere - Amazon