Roborock S7 Review: Setting The Bar Again, On Robot Mopping!

Roborock S7 Review Featured AM AH

There's practically nothing that the Roborock S7 can't clean!

Roborock S7
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  • Relatively affordable
  • Improved mopping functionality
  • The rubber brush is a huge upgrade
  • Deep cleaning is a big deal for homes with kids and pets
  • Can be pretty quiet when cleaning
  • Can conquer most humps
  • The rubber brush can still get tangled
  • Mopping isn't perfect, but better than doing the mopping yourself
  • Self-emptying dock is not included (releasing later this year)

Roborock provided AndroidHeadlines with a review unit of the S7 robot vacuum to review before its release on March 24. Roborock had zero influence over the conclusions we came to inside this review.

The S7 is the latest line of robot vacuums from Roborock, after having the S6 series the last couple of years. The main upgrade with the Roborock S7 this year is the mopping functionality. It’s a function of Roborock’s vacuums that have desperately needed some upgrades in the past few years. So good to see Roborock focusing on that now.

With the mop, Roborock added two main features, VibraRise and Sonic Mopping. VibraRise allows the vacuum to pick up the mop off of the floor when it is on carpeted areas, so that it does not get your carpet wet. And with the Sonic Mopping it’ll vibrate about 3,000 times per minute, to scrub your floor. All of the other Roborock features that you know and love are available on the S7. So let’s see if these upgrades are worth your hard earned cash, in our Roborock S7 Review.

The Roborock S7 actually makes me use the mopping functionality almost daily

With previous Roborock vacuums, the mopping functionality was okay, it wasn’t anything impressive. So honestly, I barely ever used it. I used it about once a month on the S6 MaxV, and even less on older models. But with the Roborock S7, I was using it daily when there was snow outside. Now, it’s a couple times a week. Tracking in snow and salt into the house made the Roborock S7 get to work, and show how good the new mop actually was. And I was actually pleasantly surprised.


Roborock S7 Review AM AH 03

There was a good amount of dried snow and salt on the floor by the door in my apartment. I put the Roborock S7 onto the job, and set it to the “Deep Cleaning” setting, and it did a really good job of cleaning up that area. Now it did not get into the corners or the edges as well as I’d like, but that didn’t surprise me. Since the front spinning brush is not mopping the floor.

The Roborock S7 is really good at cleaning all sorts of dried on messes. And the fact that it now has the “deep cleaning” feature is amazing. I use it quite often actually. Not because I need to, but it gives the floor a good scrubbing, and I don’t have to do it myself.

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The mopping pad actually does lift off of the ground!

This is the first time I’ve seen a feature like this on a robot vacuum. There are others that will cut off the water supply when it hits carpet. But the S7 will completely lift up the mopping pad, as well as cutting off the water. So it doesn’t get water onto your carpet. Which means that you can have the Roborock S7 mop your hardwood, tile or laminate floors and vacuum your carpeted rooms, all in one cycle. Instead of letting it do the non-carpeted rooms, then removing the mopping pad, and letting it finish the home.

It doesn’t lift the mopping pad up a ton, since there’s only so much space there, and the rolling brush now sits closer to the floor than it did on older vacuums. But it’s enough to get it off of the carpet. By far the best feature included on the Roborock S7.

It’s perfect for working from home

Why is the Roborock S7 perfect for working from home? Because unlike your kids, it’s quiet.


Honestly, I rarely have it on its quiet setting. I usually have it on Turbo or Max, because why not. But if you set it to the Quiet setting, it’s super quiet. You can have it running while you’re on Zoom and not be disturbed, and have very little background noise. Which is impressive.

Roborock S7 AM AH 6

One thing we do need to mention though, is that on this quieter setting, it uses less suction power. Which means more dust, pet hair, and such will be left behind. Which is why I generally leave it on Turbo or Max. Since I do have a dog that sheds quite a bit around this time of the year. And would rather deal with the noise for a bit, than have a lot of dog hair left behind on my floors.


Impressive suction & the redesigned floating brush

The Roborock S7 has a pretty impressive amount of suction. Like the S6 MaxV that was released last year, it has 2500Pa of suction power. That’s enough to be the most powerful robot vacuum on the market for now. As most other robot vacuums are 2000Pa or less. That means that the S7 can pick up a ton of dirt, dust, pet hair and anything else that might be on the floor.

Combine that with the redesigned floating brush underneath the S7, that now gets closer to the carpet, and it’s a recipe for success. One thing I did notice with the S7, is that even though it gets closer to the carpet, it doesn’t leave those vacuuming lines that the S6 MaxV did. Which could be due to it getting closer to the floor or using the rubber brush instead of bristles. Honestly, that’s not really a big deal, because after walking through the room a few times, they are gone anyways.

Roborock S7 AM AH 5


The main reason for redesigning the floating brush, was to keep it from getting tangled so much. And it does a good job of that, especially since it picks up a lot of pet hair in my apartment. But it can still get tangled up. And it has in my time with the Roborock S7, during this review.

All of your favorite Roborock features are here

The tried-and-true features that you’ll find in any other Roborock robot vacuum is also available here on the S7. That includes the ability to use the Roborock app to set up scheduled cleaning, adjust the cleaning intensity (on a per-room basis too!) as well as setting up no-go zones.

Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is here, so you can tell the Google Assistant to tell Roborock to start cleaning your home.


One of my favorite features (and I might be alone here), is the maintenance section in the Settings of the Roborock app. Allowing you to see when you need to change the filter, the side brush and the floating brush. As well as when you need to clean the sensors. It’s also easy to reset, after you replace them, or clean the sensors too. I really like this, because it tells me when I need to buy new brushes and filters from Amazon to keep the robot vacuum running like new.

Subtle dock redesign

If you didn’t own other Roborock robot vacuums, the subtle design change on the dock would have went right past you. That’s because it’s a very minor one. Roborock added two small brushes on either side of the dock. These brushes are designed to clean the charging contacts as it goes onto the dock. So that it can charge easily, and result in less issues for users.

Roborock says that the charging contacts can get dirty on the vacuum, and many customers have had issues with it not working. So this is the solution, and it’s a good one, in my opinion.


Roborock S7 Review AM AH

But the redesign we can’t wait for, is the self-emptying dock which is set to come out later this year. Unlike a certain competitor, Roborock is making one model of the self-emptying dock, that will work with all future Roborock robot vacuums. And that’s a great way to do things, as you can use it on the S7, and then on a newer model in a couple of years. If you wanted. But that’s what we really can’t wait to see, as it’ll solve one of our only complaints with the Roborock S7.

Should I buy the Roborock S7?

I’m a little torn here on the Roborock S7, even after writing this review. I really like the changes made here, but I still prefer to use the S6 MaxV, since it doesn’t get tangled up in cords, and other things, anywhere near as much. That’s thanks to the stereo camera and AI on the S6 MaxV. That will likely come in a S7 MaxV at some point though.

If you’re looking for a new robot vacuum that does great with mopping, then the Roborock S7 is hands down the upgrade for you. Especially at this price of $649. It’s cheaper than the competition, and in almost every aspect, it’s the best.

You’ll be able to buy the Roborock S7 starting on March 24.