How Roborock Is Meeting The Needs Of The Modern Consumer

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Roborock does a great job of meeting the needs of the modern consumer, by adding features to its robot vacuums that are actually useful. These features that are added are designed to make it easier to clean your home, without the user needing to intervene. From LiDAR for navigating around your home, to ReactiveAI for avoiding obstacles, to the auto-empty dock so you don’t need to remember to empty the dustbin. These are just a few of the features that Roborock has debuted in its products in recent years, that aim to meet the needs of the modern consumer.

Let’s explore some of these features that Roborock has debuted over the years, from its robot and cordless stick vacuums.

Roborock knew it needed to use LiDAR for navigation

When Roborock was founded back in 2014, most robot vacuums did not do great at navigating your home. The majority of these just ran in a random pattern, and often times would miss out on areas in your home. Other companies did not use LiDAR for its navigation, largely because it is more expensive.

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Roborock S7

Roborock’s founder, Richard Chang, was not a big fan of the other options on the market, when Roborock was founded. Chang had formerly worked at Baidu Maps, so he had a navigation background and knew that LiDAR was the option. So Roborock’s focus was to make an efficient navigation system. Roborock didn’t care if that meant making a robot vacuum that would cost more.

Fast forward seven years, and LiDAR is not a default feature on almost every robot vacuum out there – except for the ultra-cheap options.

With LiDAR, Roborock’s robot vacuums are able to run around your home, and not miss a single spot. This is because it runs in a Z-shaped pattern. First outlining the room, then running in the Z-shape pattern til it finishes the room. It’s a big reason why most of us don’t need to use a secondary vacuum to clean up our homes.


ReactiveAI was a game-changer

Roborock’s robot vacuums were always really good. And Roborock was really great at meeting the needs of the modern consumer already, but when they debuted ReactiveAI in 2020, it really stepped things up.

ReactiveAI consists of artificial intelligence and machine learning that works with the stereo camera on the Roborock S6 MaxV. It is able to identify all kinds of different objects, like scales, cords, pet waste, and much more. That doesn’t sound like a big deal until you actually use it. With the S6 MaxV, you will likely never need to “rescue” your robot vacuum. That is a big deal.

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Typically robot vacuums get stuck on cords or shoes (and shoe laces), but that’s not the case for the S6 MaxV. This means that the user doesn’t need to intervene with the robot vacuum really, at all. Meaning that you can let the robot vacuum clean and do its thing, without having to get up and “rescue” it.

Of course, the bigger part here is that the S6 MaxV can avoid pet waste, so it doesn’t drag dog poop all around your home. Like we’ve seen from some other robot vacuums on the market.

The Auto-Empty Dock means less work for the user

With the new Auto-Empty Dock, it’s one less reason for a customer to have to intervene with their robot vacuum. As the Roborock S7 is able to empty its own dustbin for up to two months. Versus needing to empty it after every cleaning, or maybe every other cleaning. To keep it working well.


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However, the Auto-Empty Dock does more than just empties itself. It also empties into an anti-bacterial bag that then can self-seal. This means that the dirt won’t be getting back into the air, that is very important for those that have allergies. It also keeps your home cleaner.

All of this is done to make the customer’s job easier. Making it easier to basically automate cleaning your home.


Roborock isn’t just meeting customers needs with robot vacuums

While most of us think about robot vacuums when it comes to Roborock, that is not all that the company does. It also makes cordless stick vacuums in the H6 and H7. And Roborock did also make a few pushes in this space to meet the needs of the modern consumer.

One of the biggest things that Roborock did was with the battery. When starting to work on its cordless stick vacuum, Roborock identified two main issues with existing cordless stick vacuums. That was the battery and the weight. Which are pretty much correlated with each other. These were also two issues that customers were very passionate about. So, Roborock set out to fix these issues.

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Obviously, it is pretty difficult to make a powerful, lightweight and long lasting unit in a single package. As most cordless stick vacuums are heavy for the bigger battery, or lightweight thanks to a lighter battery and less powerful motor. There’s a trade-off in making a cordless stick vacuum lighter. And that’s not something Roborock wanted to do.

So, with the H series, Roborock decided to innovate from the battery. And became the first in the industry to use a lithium polymer battery system inside a cordless stick vacuum. This is a much lighter battery, that still lasts quite a while on a single charge. It’s the same system that is used in drones. Obviously with a drone, you can’t put in a heavy battery because that will affect the battery life of the drone even more.

Roborock actually fixed two issues with one component in its cordless stick vacuum. By going with a lithium polymer battery, it made the unit lighter, but did not affect the power or the battery life on the H6 nor the H7.


Roborock only introduces new features to meet modern consumer needs

While some companies release new products with features just because they can, Roborock only releases features that meet the needs of the modern consumer. These features are all designed to make it easier to clean your home, without the user needing to intervene with the product. It’s designed to make your life easier.

From the very beginning with LiDAR, Roborock has worked hard to make cleaning our homes easier. Robot vacuums have gotten very close to being fully automated with cleaning your home.

Essentially, Roborock isn’t looking to continue to saturate the already-oversaturated robot vacuum and cordless vacuum space. Instead it wants to add value to the space, and give consumers a few reasons to purchase its products over their competitors.