You Can't Afford To Miss This Roborock Labor Day Sale


Labor Day has become a pretty big shopping holiday in the past few years. It sort of marks the end of the Back To School shopping season and is the last major sale before Black Friday in November. And Roborock has a couple of really great Labor Day sales available this weekend, that you won’t want to miss.

  • Both of these sales are available until 11:59PM PT on September 6.

First up is the Roborock S6. This is one of the more popular models in the company’s lineup. It is listed at $649, but you can get it for just $379 right now, thanks to the coupon that you can clip on the page.

That is a really impressive price for the Roborock S6. Being able to pick this one up for under $400 is an absolute steal. The S6 sports 2000Pa suction, which is strong enough to pick up AAA batteries. That’s some strength right there. It is also very quiet, coming in at about 67dB. But that is not on the Max setting, that will be a bit louder. Overall, it’s pretty quiet though.


The other sale is a bundle, which includes the Roborock S7 and H6. It is listed for $749, which is the price of the Roborock S7 by itself. Making this a really great sale – you’re essentially getting the H6 for free. This is only available on Roborock’s website, however. So shipping may not be as quick as if it were sold on Amazon.

The Roborock S7 is the latest robot vacuum from the company. It sports some new technologies like VibraRise and Sonic Mopping. VibraRise allows the vacuum to automatically lift up the mopping pad when it is on carpet, or on a part of the floor that has already been mopped. Meanwhile Sonic Mopping allows the S7 to mop a bit better, and actually scrub the floor. It’s really good at getting up those hard-on messes that are dried on the floor.

Then there’s the H6. This is the first cordless stick vacuum from Roborock – not the new H7 that was released a few months ago. It’s a lightweight cordless stick vacuum that also does a great job at cleaning. It’s a great compliment to the Roborock S7, in fact I used it with the S7 until the H7 came out. As the way I clean my apartment.


You can pick up the Roborock S6 and the bundle of the S7 and H6 by clicking the links below.

Roborock S6 - Amazon

Roborock S7 & H6 Bundle - Roborock.com