Roborock H6 vs H7: Should You Upgrade Your Cordless Stick Vacuum?

Roborock H6 vs H7 AM AH

With the release of the Roborock H7, many are going to be wondering whether they should upgrade from the H6, which was released just last year. So we’re here to put the Roborock H6 vs the Roborock H7, so you can see whether it is worth it to upgrade to the new H7.

A lot of the changes with the Roborock H7, are actually internal. If you put the H7 and H6 side-by-side, you’ll struggle to determine which is which. As they look very identical, with a few minor cosmetic changes.

Roborock H6 vs H7

In this comparison, we are going to go over a number of different categories to help you decide whether you should make the jump over to the Roborock H7 or not. Let’s start with the specs.



Roborock H6Roborock H7
Dimensions & Weight8.4 x 4.3 x 43.3
8.4 x 4.5 x 44
Suction Power140AW160AW
Motor Voltage420W480W
Battery Life90 minutes (Eco)
10 minutes (Max)
90 minutes (Eco)
8 minutes (Max)
Dustbin size400mL500mL
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Roborock H6 vs H7

Cleaning Power

Both of these cordless stick vacuums are pretty impressive, when looking at their cleaning power. The Roborock H6 is rated at 140AW, while the H7 is slightly better at 160AW (still lower than Dyson’s highest-end cordless stick vacuum though). It’s impressive because most cordless stick vacuums struggle to hit 100AW. So you’re getting some powerful cleaning out of both of these vacuums.

Additionally, the Motor Voltage is higher on the H7, compared to the H6. We’re looking at 420W vs 480W. This is really only going to matter when you are using it in max mode, as that is when you’re really going to be able to take advantage of that full power.

Bottom line here is that they are both very powerful, and while the numbers may lead to a big difference in the cleaning power, it’s really pretty marginal in real-world use.


Dust bin and filtration

The Dust Bin is another area where the H7 was upgraded. Where the H6 is a 400mL dust bin, the H7 has a 500mL dust bin. That’s about 25% larger, and does mean that it can pick up a lot more dirt, dust and other debris off of the floor. Of course, this is smaller than some other cordless stick vacuums. But Roborock was looking to keep the H7 lightweight, and keeping the dust bin on the smaller side was needed to make that happen.

When it comes to filtration, both the Roborock H6 and H7 use HEPA filtration. So you can rest assured that you’ll get up everything off of the floor and when you empty the dust bin, you won’t have to worry about it going everywhere. Especially important if you have allergies. It can pick up particles as small as 0.3 microns.

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One other thing that the Roborock H7 has, vs the H6, is that you can use dust bags. Which are actually pretty easy to install on the Roborock H7. But this means that you can easily empty the bag, without worrying about spilling the dirt and dust you just picked up. And it’s good for those that have allergies too.

Portability & battery life

One of the main things that Roborock has going for it, particularly when it comes to their cordless stick vacuums, is the portability. Roborock has kept both the H6 and H7 lightweight, at 3lbs and 3.2lbs. This is important, as the heavier it gets, the harder it will be for people to use it, and the more battery it’ll use.

Now speaking of battery life, it is a very small decrease, compared to the H6. The H6 can run for 90 minutes in Eco mode, or 10 minutes in Max mode. While the H7 does also do 90 minutes in Eco mode, but Max is only eight minutes. That’s a very small change, and it likely comes down to the more powerful suction and motor on the H7.


While it is a decrease, you likely won’t notice the difference. Honestly, I rarely get the battery below 50% on a single charge. So this shouldn’t be a reason to get the H6 over the H7.

Included accessories

The included accessories for the H6 and H7 are identical. They both come with the main floor nozzle, flex tube, carpet brush, motorized mini brush, dusting brush and the crevice tool. The biggest difference is actually the dock.

While the H6 dock snaps the different accessories into place, the new MagBase uses magnets to keep the accessories connected to the dock on the H7. It’s a really great alternative to the original dock, as it will take up less space in your home, and makes it easier to connect the accessories to the dock.


The H7 does have a free-standing dock as well, however that attachment is not available in the box with the H7. Roborock will be selling that separately, later on.

Should I upgrade to the Roborock H7?

So the big question is whether you should upgrade to the Roborock H7 or not, and that’s still a tough one to answer. Considering the H6 is barely a year old at this point, it’s still fairly new. However, if you really want a more powerful cordless vacuum, and the new MagBase dock, then it’s worth it to upgrade.

However, remember that the Roborock H7 is actually $50 more than the H6 was at launch. So this is a price increase, and it’s good to keep that in mind.


Normally, we’d say that it would be worth it to pick up the Roborock H6 instead, however, it is pretty much impossible to find. Unless you’re okay getting it used. Both of these cordless stick are great options though, so whichever you get, you’ll be happy with.