You Can't Afford To Miss These Prime Day Deals On Roborock's Best Robot Vacuums

roborock prime day sale

Roborock is introducing some pretty hefty discounts for its Amazon Prime Day deals this year. Discounting some of its most popular robot vacuums by as much as 35%. 

This is one sale that you can’t afford to miss. And if you have been eyeing a robot vacuum, now is definitely the time to purchase one. 

In order to take advantage of some of these deals, you will need to be an Amazon Prime member. 


Roborock S6 MaxV

The Roborock S6 MaxV is down to an all-time low, of just $599. That is $150 off, or good for 20% off of its regular price. 

At $599, the Roborock S6 MaxV is a killer deal. This robot vacuum has Advanced Avoidance and Recognition thanks to AI, and the stereo camera on the front of the vacuum. So it won’t ever run into any obstacles in your home. It also has some pretty powerful suction, rated for 2500Pa, to give you a nice deep clean. 

It’s the perfect robot vacuum for pets as it can avoid dog poop, if your furbaby happened to have had an accident in the house. 


All that for only $599. This deal is only good during Prime Day, which ends on October 14. 

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Roborock S5 Max

The S5 Max is also getting a 20% discount. This brings the price down to only $439. 


This robot vacuum isn’t quite as powerful as the S6 MaxV, but where it is significantly cheaper, it is still a very good value. The S5 Max has powerful suction as well, rated at 2000Pa, which is going to pick up all of the dirt, dust and pet hair off of your floor. There is also integrated mopping included. So you can vacuum and mop your floors at the same time. 

It is all controlled by the Roborock app, which has support for scheduling too. The app also has a maintenance section, so you can keep your robot vacuum running in tip-top shape. 

Like the S6 MaxV, this price is good throughout Prime Day, which will end on October 14. 


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Roborock S6

Roborock S6 gets the biggest discount of the bunch. It is 35% off starting at 10PM PT on October 13, through 10PM PT on October 14. There’s a shorter window for this robot vacuum compared to the S6 MaxV and S5. It is down to $419, that’s $230 off. This deal is available for everyone, whether you’re a Prime member or not.  

The S6 excels because it is much quieter than other robot vacuums. This one measures in at 56dB, so you can run it while you’re kids are asleep without waking them. Or even while you are sleeping. S6 also supports multi-floor mapping, making it perfect for multi-floor homes. It also has a dedicated spot cleaning button on the vacuum itself, so you can choose to have it clean a specific room or area, only. 


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Roborock E3

Rounding out Roborock’s Prime Day deals today, is the Roborock E3. It has a 34% discount, dropping it down to only $223.99. Making it the lowest price that the Roborock E35 has ever been. Much like the S6 deal, this one is also only valid from 10PM PT on October 13 to 10PM PT on October 14. This deal on the Roborock E3 is not limited to Prime members only. 

The Roborock E3 is one of the cheaper robot vacuums from Roborock, but that doesn’t mean it skimped on features and cleaning ability. Instead of using LiDAR for navigation, the E3 uses a dual-gyro system together with motion tracking sensors to map out your home. It still has that strong suction, rated at 2000Pa. As well as app control, but instead of using the Roborock app, it uses the Mi Home app. 


It also has two and a half hours of runtime, which should be plenty of time to clean your whole house. If not, it will go back to the dock and recharge, then finish where it left off. 

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