Reserve "The Next Galaxy" Now & Get Up To $50 Off Your Next Smartphone!

reserve next galaxy

Starting today, you can reserve your spot in line for Samsung’s next smartphone.

By doing so, you’ll receive up to $50 in instant credit, which you can use for other accessories. Like a new smartwatch, headphones, cases, etc. Unfortunately, you can’t use that credit towards the purchase of your new smartphone.

The next-generation Galaxy is coming soon, and this is your chance to be one of the first to get your hands on one. You can reserve your place in line for the next Galaxy smartphone by clicking here. 


The Next Big Thing is coming really soon!

Normally when Samsung opens up reservations for the next Galaxy, the announcement for the next Unpacked is coming very soon. So we should see invites fairly soon for a January Unpacked event. Many rumors are pointing towards a January 14 event, which is a little more than two weeks away at this point.

Typically, Samsung announces its new smartphone in February, just ahead of MWC. But where MWC was moved to later in the year, Samsung decided to do it a bit earlier this year, it seems. Launching it in January, as the finale of CES 2021.

If you’re a big Samsung fan, you’re going to want to reserve your next Galaxy smartphone today. That way you can be almost guaranteed to get it on day one, and you’ll also get some money to spend on other Samsung products. Like a new case for your new smartphone, or perhaps a new smartwatch to go with your new smartphone, and so forth. It’s unfortunate that you can’t use the $50 credit to actually buy the phone though, only used for accessories.


This reservation period won’t last long, so you’re going to want to get in and reserve your next smartphone today before this offer is over with. As it’s not often that Samsung gives away free money.

Reserve the Next Galaxy! - Samsung