You Can Buy A Refurbished Ring Video Doorbell 2 For $99

ring video doorbell 2 sale

Today, Amazon has a refurbished Ring Video Doorbell 2 on sale for just $99.99. It’s not a big discount, coming down just $20. But that is still a decent discount to take advantage of. Especially since Ring products haven’t really gone on sale much lately.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a really great video doorbell to pick up. Of course, it works with Amazon Alexa. After all, Amazon does own Ring. So that when someone rings your doorbell, it will ring on your Echo smart speakers as well as on your Fire TV. Which is pretty neat.

Now there is also two-way audio here, allowing you to talk to whoever is on the other side. This works whether you’re at home or not. So if UPS is there to drop off a package, you can tell them to just leave it behind the potted plant on your porch. Instead of them leaving with the package. It’s also a good way to scare off package pirates before they grab your Amazon package.


Ring is also great because it will alert you to when there is someone outside of your home. Even if they don’t ring the doorbell. Hence the package pirates. They won’t be ringing the doorbell, but you’ll still know they are there. Thanks to the Ring Video Doorbell 2.

It’s a really great way to get into the Ring ecosystem, by picking up this Video Doorbell 2 up. It can be used wired or wireless at your home, which makes it really versatile. Even though this is a certified refurbished model, you do still get a 90-day warranty from Amazon. So if anything goes wrong, Ring will fix it for you.

You can pick up the Ring Video Doorbell 2 from Amazon today in this sale by clicking here. Now this price on the Ring Video Doorbell 2 won’t last long, so you’re going to want to grab it before it’s gone.


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