5 Reasons You Should Pre-Order The Galaxy S21

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The cat is finally out of the bag. With Samsung announcing the Galaxy S21 series on January 14, and pre-orders opening up right away. But now the big question is whether you should pre-order the Galaxy S21 or not. We're here to tell you why you should pre-order the Galaxy S21. Whether it be the Galaxy S21, S21+ or the S21 Ultra.

There are three models this year, with the Galaxy S21 and S21+ being the usual flagships that are small and then larger. While the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the "ultra" smartphone experience, at least according to Samsung. This year, they also got a price cut out of the box. With them all being $200 cheaper than their predecessors.

Which is a big reason why the Galaxy S21 series very enticing to pre-order.


Here are five reasons why you should pre-order the Galaxy S21 before January 29.

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Be the first to get Samsung's "Next Big Thing"

The Galaxy S21 series is up for pre-order now and will be shipping around January 29. Sometimes pre-orders go out ahead of the global launch. So you could also get lucky and get your Galaxy S21 ahead of the January 29 launch date.

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So if you are one that wants to be one of the first to get the latest smartphone, then now is the time to get your pre-order in. And you can pre-order through Samsung.com. Which has all of the carrier models, as well as the unlocked models. And they even have more color options than the carriers will have.

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Get up to $200 in credit to Samsung.com

Samsung is also offering everyone that pre-orders the Galaxy S21, up to $200 in credit towards Samsung.com. That credit can be used for things like cases, the S Pen, the new Galaxy Buds Pro and many other things. Heck you can even put it towards a new QLED TV. Samsung does sell quite literally every electronic you can think of, even laptops.


If you pre-order the Galaxy S21, you'll get $100 in credit. $150 for the Galaxy S21+ and finally $200 for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

This is basically like free money, for those that want to get a Galaxy S21 anyways. As Samsung is basically giving you a free case or two, depending on which phone you pre-order.

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Pre-order if you want to save money

For pre-orders, Samsung typically gives customers a few different offers that they can take advantage of, and save a ton of money. For instance, you can get the Galaxy S21 for $99, and still get $100 in credit.

Samsung is offering up to $700 off via a trade-in. So you can trade-in your old smartphone and get a really great discount off of the Galaxy S21. Basically, any smartphone released last year, will get you the full $700. If it's a high-end Samsung phone, you'll get the most for it. Other brands are slightly lower, around $600.

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The generous trade-in program paired with Samsung's discounted prices on the Galaxy S21 series this year, makes this the best reason to pre-order a Galaxy S21. Particularly if you are getting a Galaxy S21 and not the S21+ or S21 Ultra.

And the way the trade-in program works, you do not send in your current/old phone until after the Galaxy S21 arrives and is in your hands. So you won't be out of a phone.

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Get four months of YouTube Premium, included

This is a perk that Samsung has added in previous years for pre-orders, but it's still a really nice one to have. And another reason why to pre-order the Galaxy S21.

If you pre-0rder the Galaxy S21, you will get four months of YouTube Premium. This is only available for new accounts, unfortunately. So if you've never had YouTube Premium (and never used the free trial), then you'll get four months free. Afterwards, it'll be $12.99.

What do you get with YouTube Premium? Well, you get YouTube Music Premium. As well as ad-free YouTube, background listening and the ability to download videos for offline viewing. Making YouTube ad-free alone is worth the price of admission for YouTube Premium. And definitely worth taking advantage of.


Not to mention, watching YouTube on the Galaxy S21 display is going to be incredible.

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Get a Free Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Alongside the Galaxy S21 at Unpacked, Samsung also announced the new Galaxy SmartTag. It's a Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to your backpack, keys, or anything else you may lose frequently. Samsung is giving it out for free to everyone that pre-orders a Galaxy S21 smartphone. And that is a $29.99 value.

The Galaxy SmartTag works with SmartThings, so you are able to track what it is attached to through the SmartThings app. Additionally, it works with UWB – which is available on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, and S21+, Ultra.

The free Galaxy SmartTag may not be enough to get you to pre-order a Galaxy S21, but you'll be glad you did. It's a truly incredible tracker that is already super integrated into the Galaxy ecosystem.

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