Rainbow Six Mobile: Everything You Need To Know – Updated September, 2022

Rainbow Six Mobile

This morning Ubisoft revealed Rainbow Six Mobile, the mobile adaption of Rainbow Six Siege designed for play on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Since the game is in active development, there will be a lot to learn about it in the coming months. But Ubisoft has already shared plenty of information about this upcoming title.

If you’re eager to know more about Rainbow Six Mobile and what it’s like, this breakdown includes much of the information that you’ll want to know prior to the game’s launch. From operators to maps, everything is laid out as this guide of sorts answers your burning questions.

With that being said, there are still unknowns. Things that Ubisoft will either share down the line or that players will be able to learn in upcoming play tests. So, let’s jump into it.


What is Rainbow Six Mobile?

Rainbow Six Mobile 5

Rainbow Six Mobile is the upcoming mobile adaption of Rainbow Six Siege. It’s a 5v5 tactical first-person shooter, and includes many of the same operators and maps. Everything is pared down to make it playable on smaller screens and on the go, and matches are pared down to fit within this ideal.

For all intents and purposes, Rainbow Six Mobile is the same in many ways as Siege. So you can expect high-tension, competitive gameplay where you’ll need to pay attention to things like directional audio to get the drop on enemies.


Situational awareness will be an important part of securing victory. Meaning, make sure to fortify those walls and put up barricades.

Additionally, you’ll want to pay special attention to who your enemy operators are. As this could be key to avoiding defeat and ensuring you can counter their advance.

When is Rainbow Six Mobile releasing?

Right now Ubisoft has not officially confirmed a release date. At least not a specific one. The game is planned to be released sometime later this year. So it has a 2022 launch timeframe. Given that the game is still in active development, a release is likely to be towards the end of 2022.


If Ubisoft sticks to the planned release time in the first place. With the nature of so many games being delayed these days, players may not want to get their hopes up. That being said, if the game was delayed, it would be for the better. As a delay usually only happens so the development team can smooth out bugs and other issues.

As noted above though, for now, the game is set for a release later in 2022.

Will Ubisoft hold any play tests?

Ubisoft does appear to be preparing to hold at least a few play tests prior to launch. On the game’s official homepage, you can register to receive news about the upcoming game. Registering also gives you the chance to be selected for participation in upcoming tests. It’s still unclear though where any closed tests will happen. And if they’ll be global or only open up in certain regions.


Play tests like those Diablo immortal had were initially limited to Australia. Future tests then opened up to a few more countries like Canada and New Zealand as well as some countries in Asia. The same thing could happen here or Ubisoft could intend for tests to be global. Or both. Only time will tell.

With regard to when players can expect testing to start, the Rainbow Six Mobile dev team says that it’s looking to start testing “in the coming weeks.” Which suggests that play testing with real players will begin fairly soon.

Update: August 5, 2022

Ubisoft has officially announced an upcoming closed beta test for the game that will happening this Fall. There’s no exact date yet but it will be happening sometime within the next few months. Most likely closer to the beginning of the Fall season as opposed to the end. You can pre-register for a chance to get into the closed beta.


What operators will be in the game?

Rainbow Six Mobile 4

Rainbow Six Mobile will start with ten operators in total by the looks of it. Five operators on the attacker team and five operators on the defender team. These will also be classic operators. So don’t expect to see anyone that was added to Rainbow Six Siege more recently.

At launch, players will have access to Ash, Sledge, Twitch, Thermite, and Hibana on the attacker team. Meanwhile players on the defender team will be able to choose between Caveira, Bandit, Smoke, Valkyrie, and Mute.


There is a possibility that more operators will be added at launch that haven’t been announced yet. But it seems more likely that this will be the full roster of operators with more being added post launch at some point in a future update.

All operators will come with unique skillsets, primary and secondary weapons, and their own set of gadgets to use in matches. Play around with as many operators as possible to find your preferred operator while learning the strengths and weaknesses of others. This should help to give you a better chance at winning. Know your enemy and all that.

How many modes will the game have?

Rainbow Six Mobile will have multiple game modes at launch. However, the only two that have been mentioned so far are Secure the Area and Bomb. Just like with the operators, Ubisoft will have more to share on game modes prior to launch. Possibly in an announcement all on its own or as part of planned upcoming play tests.


Technically, Secure the Area and Bomb are considered Objectives in Siege. With game modes being labeled as Situation, Terrorist Hunt, and Multiplayer. The first two being PvE-based while Multiplayer is PvP-based.

As for unannounced Objectives, Hostage is another one players may be able to expect making its way into the game for launch. As this is one of the available Objectives in Siege.

How many maps will Rainbow Six Mobile have?

Rainbow Six Mobile 3

Eventually Rainbow Six Mobile will have a good selection of maps. But it appears as if the game will launch with only two. Bank and Border. Ubisoft does state that more maps will be added in future updates though. It does not however mention which maps are in the pipeline or when they’ll make their way into the game.

Ubisoft says there is “more to come” with regard to additional maps for the game. These could be maps being added to the game at launch, or they could be included with the maps that are planned to be added with future updates after launch.

For now though, expect the game to launch with just the two maps that have already been confirmed.

Can you customize the game’s controls?

Ubisoft has confirmed that you’ll be able to customize both the game’s controls and HUD to fit your playstyle. That means you will be able to position controls on the screen exactly where you want them.

This will be a feature paramount to success for some players. With so many different devices out there with different screen sizes, control and HUD customization will go a long way to help players feel comfortable with gameplay.

Will Rainbow Six Mobile support controllers?

As of now Ubisoft hasn’t said whether or not the game will have controller support. One can probably assume that the development team is certainly looking into it as a possibility though. Controller support may even be in development with the rest of the game.

That being said, at the moment it might be best to expect touch controls only since no controller support was mentioned in any capacity.

How long are matches going to be?

Rainbow Six Mobile 6

Ubisoft doesn’t say explicitly how long matches will last, but it does state that each match will have three rounds of attacking vs defending. More specifically, the best of three rounds. Which means a match could last two rounds if the first two rounds are won by the same team. Ubisoft also mentions that matches will be shorter than in Rainbow Six Siege, which last for anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes each.

With that in mind, we would guess matches in Rainbow Six Mobile will last anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes. This is just a guess though and not a confirmed piece of information. Based on the match length of other mobile FPS games, this timing just seems entirely possible.

Will Rainbow Six Mobile be free-to-play?

Yes. Ubisoft is developing this game as a free-to-play title. Like Siege, it will have micro transactions that allow players to purchase certain items for use in-game. Unlike Siege though you won’t have to purchase the game to play it.

Right now there is no information on what players will be able to buy. But players should expect there to be free-to-play elements that are seen in other online shooters. Such as a battle pass for game progression and unlocking items.

It’s also possible that eventually, players will be able to buy unlocks for additional operators. As this is how things are done in Rainbow Six Siege.

Will the game support voice chat?

Ubisoft doesn’t say one way or the other. But it would be pretty ludicrous to have a game like Rainbow Six Siege on mobile and not include what is probably one of the most important features. With Siege, communication is extremely critical and can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

While not absolutely essential, communication through voice is a huge part of the game. So we would expect that voice chat is going to be available in Rainbow Six Mobile so teammates can talk to each other during matches.

That being said, don’t take this as a guarantee it will be included. While it might seem like a reasonable and obvious addition, we can’t account for something that hasn’t been announced.

Check out the announcement trailer

If you’ve yet to see the announcement trailer, you should take the time to watch it if you’re excited for this release. It’s short and sweet and really conveys the level of action you can expect when the game launches. Plus, it does show some actual gameplay.

Of note though is that gameplay footage is pre-alpha. So some things may change when the game officially launches. In fact, players should expect some things to change, as they usually do. That being said, the gameplay looks pretty good for being in a pre-alpha state.

That doesn’t mean it will look any better at launch. But it does have plenty of potential and play tests should provide an accurate view of how things are coming along. If you’ve not already registered and you’re interested in playing Rainbow Six Mobile, again, you can do so by going to the official homepage.