PS5 VS. PS5 Digital Edition – Which One Should You Buy?

Sony PS5

You may have already settled on buying a PS5 but maybe you’re still not sure which one to buy, or where to buy it.

If you’re simply needing to figure out where to go to get one, you can find links to major retailers in our post here. If however you still want to know which PS5 to buy, this post aims to break down the differences between the two units and why you might want one over the other.

PS5 vs. PS5 Digital Edition – which one to buy

There are a few reasons to buy one version over the other. And part of that comes down to preference. But there’s also an element of cost benefit.


Factors which maybe you put out of mind or just didn’t think about. The PS5 isn’t exactly cheap. So it’s a somewhat pricey investment, especially considering the price bump on games for the PS5 as some of them will start to cost more than PS4 games did.

We’re here to help weigh the decision of which console best fits your preference.

What are the major differences?

The major differences between the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition will play a big role in which console is the best one for you to buy.


The most notable difference is obviously the ability to play disc versions of games. That’s compared to not having that ability at all.

If you go with the PS5, you can choose to either play a game via the physical copy or just download the digital version. You have more choice, and that’s good. Think about the collector’s editions.

The PS5 Digital Edition however, has a more streamlined look. So if you like the aesthetics more, consider this one instead. And weigh it against the cost of not being able to play physical copies of games.


When it comes to the specifications, both versions of the PS5 have the exact same hardware. Save for the disc drive. So specs and performance shouldn’t be a driving factor that leads you to a decision on which PS5 to buy.

Because both will perform the same.

The PS5 will ultimately let you save money on games

Sure, downloading digital games might be easier. You don’t have to go anywhere to buy physical copies. You don’t even have to wait for them to show up in the mail.


You can simply turn on your console, launch the PS Store, and find what you want and purchase it right then and there.

The big downside here is that the PS5 Digital Edition will end up costing more on the game side of things. Physical copies of games go on sale a lot more often than digital copies. Amazon is constantly holding sales on physical copies of games that are brand-new.

Plus, you can always opt for picking up a used version of a game. Many people like to buy games brand-new. Then play them, only to get rid of them if they no longer plan to play them again.


This is where you can score big time and save a little money (sometimes a lot) on a game. While it may not be brand-new, it’ll be new to you. And that’s the important part alongside the fact that you aren’t spending as much.

The PS5 Digital Edition will cost less up front

If it’s an immediate cost thing and you just want to get your foot in the door, which PS5 to buy should be a little easier to decide on.

The PS5 Digital Edition is going to retail for $399. As opposed to the PS5 which retails for $499. So upfront cost is going to be less. While digital games don’t go on sale as often and you can’t buy used games, you’re immediately spending $100 less.


So if what matters to you is saving more on the console itself, then the PS5 Digital Edition is probably the better one to go for. And if your resolve is high on waiting until digital copies do get a sale, then you’ve nothing to worry about on the money-saving front.

Which PS5 should you buy?

If you want the ability to play physical copies of games, then you obviously want the PS5.

Keep in mind that you can also sometimes save money on games by either buying them used, or by finding the physical copies on sale via Amazon or elsewhere.


Yes, the PS5 is a chonky boi compared to the PS5 Digital Edition. But just remember the savings on game titles. That means more games!

If however you don’t care about your physical media, and you just want a more aesthetically pleasing console, then go with the PS5 Digital Edition.

You won’t spend as much when you buy (or preorder) the console. And not everyone has to get new games as they come out. If you’re one of those types of consumers, you can easily feast on a single game for months until another one you might want goes on sale. Thus still allowing yourself to save money on its purchase.

Now if you know which PS5 you want to buy, you can grab your pre-order from the button below. Assuming there is still stock left or that each retailer has restocked.

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