Here Are Your PlayStation Plus Games For October 2021

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Sony has officially announced the PlayStation Plus games for October of 2021 a little earlier this month, and because it’s already October 8, that means the month’s new PlayStation Plus games are already here. Having arrived on Tuesday October 5. Allowing you most of the month to make sure you claim them. If you haven’t already claimed them, check them out below and see if they might be something you’re interested in. And now since it’s the weekend, you have a couple of days (hopefully) to dig into what’s on offer this month.

If you didn’t claim the titles for September, which included Overcooked 2: All You Can Eat!, Predator: Hunting Grounds,  and Hitman 2, it’s no longer possible to claim them for free. Because as of October 5 Sony removed them from the lineup. PS5 owners do however get another title this month.

PS5 games, and we mean proper PS5 games that are designed for PS5, are still in somewhat rare company (though the list is growing). So any new PS5 titles are a welcomed addition to the PS Plus lineup.


The PlayStation Plus games lineup for October includes Mortal Kombat X

Another month and another big AAA game has made its way into the lineup. So this is a big deal no matter how you look at it. Because one of the three games PS Plus subscribers will get this month is Mortal Kombat X. The interesting thing here is that this is essentially void for PS5 owners. Because they already have the game through the PS Plus Collection.

Still, Mortal Kombat X is free for PS4 owners this month, so if you’re still using the PS4 Pro, you might as well pick this one up if you don’t already own it. Mortal Kombat is still one of the best fighting game franchises of all time.

This isn’t the first PS Plus Collection game that’s made it into the PS Plus lineup for the month. Day’s Gone earlier this year was available for free too. Which is also available as part of the PS Plus Collection for PS5 owners.


Don’t miss out on the other two games

In addition to Mortal Kombat X, there are two more games to pick up for October that you will definitely want to snag. The other PS4 title is PGA Tour 2K21. There’s just something about Golf games that can be a lot of fun to play. Even if sports games aren’t usually your thing, Golf is a lot more slow-paced and can be a relaxing game in the genre.

You can usually take your time with shots and you don’t have to worry about anybody trying to rush you or steal the ball. And it still feels awesome when you hit a hole in one.

The third and final game for PS Plus subscribers this month is for PS5 owners. It’s called Hell Let Loose, and it’s basically a battle royale game set in a World War II era. Matches support up to 100 players, so things can get pretty chaotic pretty quick.


Where this differs from other battle royale games is the RTS mechanic for the resource management. You can choose from 14 different roles too, so there’s some variety in the class type you play during battle. Which is always a good trait to have in a game of this magnitude.

If you want to watch trailer for any of the three games you can find Mortal Kombat X above, and the other two below.