Phone Comparisons: Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Google Pixel 6a

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This time around, we’re comparing the Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Google Pixel 6a. These two phones are definitely not in the same category of phones. The Galaxy S22 is a high-end smartphone, while the Pixel 6a is a mid-range offering. Having said that, they are similar in terms of size, and both can be considered somewhat compact. The Pixel 6a also has a lot to offer, so it may be worth spending less on. All in all, there’s definitely a basis for comparison here.

The two phones do look considerably different, while their internals also do differ quite a bit. Even the images the two cameras provide will differ. They are mostly different, but do have some similarities all around, and one of those is the size, definitely. Having said that, we’ll kick things off by listing their specs, and take it from there. Let’s start comparing the Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Google Pixel 6a, shall we?


Samsung Galaxy S22Google Pixel 6a
Screen size6.1-inch FullHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display (120Hz adaptive refresh rate)6.1-inch fullHD+ OLED HDR display (60Hz)
Screen resolution2340 x 10802400 x 1080
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Samsung Exynos 2200Google Tensor
Storage128GB/256GB, non-expandable128GB (UFS 3.1), non-expandable
Rear cameras50MP (f/1.8 aperture, 24mm lens, OIS, Dual Pixel PDAF, 1.0um pixel size)
10MP (f/2.4 aperture, 70mm lens, telephoto, 1.0um pixel size, OIS, PDAF, 3x optical zoom)
12MP (ultrawide, f/2.2 aperture, 13mm lens, 120-degree FoV, 1.4um pixel size)
12.2MP (f/1.7 aperture, 27mm lens, 1.4um pixel size, dual pixel PDAF, OIS)
12MP (f/2.2 aperture, 17mm lens, 114-degree FoV, 1.25um pixel size)
Front cameras10MP (f/2.2 aperture, 1.22um pixel size, 26mm lens, Dual Pixel PDAF)8MP (f/2.0 aperture, 24mm lens, 1.12um pixel size)
Battery3,700mAh, non-removable, 45W wired charging, 15W Qi wireless charging, 5W Wireless PowerShare4,410mAh, non-removable, 18W wired charging
Dimensions146 x 70.6 x 7.6mm152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9mm
Weight167 grams178 grams
Connectivity5G, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C5G, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C
SecurityIn-display fingerprint scanner (ultrasonic)In-display fingerprint scanner (optical)
OSAndroid 12
One UI 4.1
Android 12

Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Google Pixel 6a: Design

When you look at them side-by-side, you definitely see how different these two phones are in terms of design. Both have a centered display camera hole, and flat displays, but that’s basically where similarities end. The Pixel 6a is boxier than the Galaxy S22, it also has thicker bezels than Samsung’s offering. Even the physical button placement is different, as are the phone’s backs.


The Galaxy S22’s camera island is an extension of its frame, it’s covered in metal. The Pixel 6a’s, on the other hand, is not, it’s a camera visor on the back, which goes from one side to the other, and it’s covered by glass. Speaking of which, both phones offer a frame made out of metal, but their backplates are different. The Galaxy S22 utilizes Gorilla Glass Victus+ on the back, while the Pixel 6a includes a “3D thermoformed composite back with tactile alloy frame”, which is a fancy name for plastic material.

The Galaxy S22 is considerably shorter, and slightly narrower than the Pixel 6a. It is also thinner than Google’s offering, while being around 10 grams lighter. Both devices are quite slippery, while the Galaxy S22 is definitely easier to use with one hand, as it’s smaller. We presume that the in-hand feel will be somewhat similar, but we can’t speak about it yet, as the Pixel 6a didn’t get released yet.

Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Google Pixel 6a: Display

The Galaxy S22 features a 6.1-inch fullHD+ (2340 x 1080) Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. This is a flat display with a 120Hz refresh rate, and it’s an LTPO panel. In other words, it offers an adaptive refresh rate. It also supports HDR10+ content, and it gets quite bright at 1,300 nits of peak brightness. This display offers a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, and it is protected by the Gorilla Glass Victus+.


The Google Pixel 6a, on the other hand, includes a 6.1-inch fullHD+ (2400 x 1080) display. This is an OLED panel, though it’s a 60Hz display, it does not offer a high refresh rate. This display is flat, and we’re looking at a 20:9 aspect ratio here. It is protected by the Gorilla Glass 3. As you can see, the Pixel 6a has a taller display aspect ratio, and it also includes thicker bezels, that’s why it’s noticeably taller than the Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus AM AH 07

We didn’t get a chance to test out the Pixel 6a panel yet, but we do expect a solid offering from Google. Still, it won’t be able to compete with the Galaxy S22. Samsung’s handset has a superior panel on paper, and it will be superior in real-life use as well. A 120Hz refresh rate is simply superior, plus chances are that the colors will be punchier on this panel. The viewing angles on the Galaxy S22 are excellent, and we’re not expecting less from the Pixel 6a. The Galaxy S22 also has better display protection, a lot better.


Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Google Pixel 6a: Performance

Both of these phones are quite powerful on paper, when it comes to performance-related specs. The Galaxy S22 is fueled by either the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200, depending on the region. It also includes 8GB of RAM and either 128GB or 256GB of flash storage. The Pixel 6a is fueled by the Google Tensor SoC, while it includes 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Both devices utilize LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 flash storage, by the way.

All three of those chips are immensely powerful. The Exynos 2200 turned out to have the most problems out of the three of them, but only European Galaxy S22 units are fueled by the Exynos SoC. Both RAM and flash storage are immensely fast on both smartphones. The Galaxy S22 offers great performance, at least in its Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 variant. It does get quite warm, though.

The Pixel 6a is not out yet, so we didn’t get a chance to test it out. It does have the same SoC, RAM, and storage chips as the Pixel 6, though with a bit less RAM. So, we’re expecting comparable performance. If that ends up being the case, the Pixel 6a will offer excellent performance in any aspect. Both of these phones should be able to deliver excellent performance regardless of what you’re doing with your phone at any given time.


Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Google Pixel 6a: Battery

The Samsung Galaxy S22 features a 3,700mAh battery. The Pixel 6a, on the flip side, includes a 4,410mAh battery. You’ll immediately notice a huge difference in battery capacity, despite the fact the two phones have the same display size. In fact, you’d expect a larger battery to be included inside the Galaxy S22 due to its high refresh rate display, but that’s not the case. That’s where Samsung made a mistake, though.

The Galaxy S22 does not offer excellent battery life, not at all. That’s, actually one of its weakest points. Your battery life will, of course, depend on your usage, but don’t expect this phone to last you the entire day if you’re a power user. The Pixel 6a is not available yet, so we weren’t able to test out its battery life. On paper, though, it looks truly promising. Based on the battery life the Pixel 5a 5G and Pixel 6 provide, with everything considered, we have high expectations for the Pixel 6a.

What about charging? Well, the Galaxy S22 kind of wins in that regard. Not only does the phone support 25W wired charging, it also supports 15W wireless charging, and 5W reverse wireless charging. The Pixel 6a, on the other hand, only supports 18W wired charging. So, the Galaxy S22 should charge faster, not only due to faster charging, but due to a smaller battery pack as well.


Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Google Pixel 6a: Cameras

These two phones have considerably different camera offerings. The Galaxy S22 utilizes a 50-megapixel main camera, in addition to a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera, and a 10-megapixel telephoto camera. The Pixel 6a, on the flip side, has a 12.2-megapixel main camera, and a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera. Google once again opted for a 12.2-megapixel camera here, the same camera sensor it has been using since the Pixel 2.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus AM AH 04

Now, the Pixel 6a is not out at the time of writing this article, it will be released in July. Having said that, we can only assume what type of images will it offer. The Galaxy S22 has an immensely capable camera setup, and it provides great results, but not to the level of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Pixel 6, and so on. The Pixel 6a is expected to offer similar results as the Pixel 5a 5G, maybe even a bit better thanks to the Google Tensor SoC that will be included inside the phone.


We cannot directly compare the two phones at the moment, but we do expect the Pixel 6a to offer excellent images during the day, with plenty of detail and excellent dynamic range. Solid low light shots will likely be on offer as well. The Galaxy S22 does a really good job in low light, but it’s not exactly the best phone for taking low light images. The Pixel 6a may even be on par in that regard, if not better, we’ll see. The Galaxy S22 will likely have an edge in telephoto shots, due to dedicated hardware.


Both of these phones include stereo speakers. The Galaxy S22 actually has really capable stereo speakers, and it provides 32-bit audio. Its speakers are tuned by AKG. Chances are that the Pixel 6a won’t ship with such capable speakers, but they’ll likely be quite good nonetheless. We’ll have to wait and see. It’s nice to see Google included two speakers, though, that’s for sure.

In regards to an audio jack, neither of the two phones has it. The Pixel 5a 5G did include an audio jack, but Google decided not to do the same on the Pixel 6a. We’re not sure why that is, but there you have it. You’ll have to utilize the Type-C port on these two phones, or use wireless earphones/headphones.