Save 25% On An Entire Year Of Peacock Premium With This Code

peacock promo code

To celebrate WrestleMania 38 happening this weekend, Peacock is giving everyone 25% off a full year of its Premium service with the promo code WM38ANNUAL at checkout.

This promo code will work on both the Premium and Premium Plus plans. So you can choose to go ad-free or deal with the ads on Peacock. For Peacock premium, it’ll be $3.80/month versus the regular price of $4.99/month. And with Peacock Premium Plus it’ll be $8.80/month versus the regular price of $9.99/month.

The great thing about this promo is that you are not forced to pay for the entire year today. You can still pay per month, which is pretty rate for these types of promos.


Peacock is a pretty quiet streaming platform. It doesn’t garner the attention of Netflix or HBO MAX, but it does have quite a few great series available. And considering you can actually get it for free, or as low as $4.99/month (without this deal) it’s one of the cheapest services out there.

Peacock Premium boasts about 15,000 hours of programming and also gives you next-day access to current seasons of series from the different NBCU properties. There’s also a slew of Peacock Originals – like Bel-Air. And Peacock did not forget about live sports with the Olympics, Ryder Cup, Premier League and the WWE. For just $3.80 you can watch WrestleMania 38 this weekend, instead of paying almost $100 for a PPV of the event from your cable provider. Definitely a good deal there.

The parent company of Peacock, NBCUniversal, has a ton of incredible series, like The Office, Modern Family, Chicago Fire, Law & Order and many others. All seasons of those are available on Peacock too.


Peacock is a pretty good service to have, even if it’s not something you’ll use every single day. And for just $3.80/month, it’s worth it to sign up.

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