OnePlus 9 Preview: Release Date, Specs, Price & More – Updated March 2, 2021

OnePlus 9 Pro Hasselblad leak 2

The OnePlus 9 series is the next step for OnePlus’ flagship smartphones. OnePlus is expecting to up the ante in 2021, following the release of the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T flagships in 2020. The OnePlus 9 series will allegedly consist out of three devices this time around. That will be a first for the company’s flagship lineup, as the company released two handsets simultaneously, at the most, thus far.

Based on some reliable information that surfaced thus far, the OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro, and OnePlus 9E, 9R or 9 Lite (one of the two names will be used) will become official. In this article, we’ll basically round up everything we know thus far, and share it with you, so that it’s easier to keep up with all the rumors and leaks. Quite a bit of information did surface already, even though these three devices are not expected to launch for the next couple of months. Before we begin, it’s worth noting that the OnePlus 9 allegedly carries the “Lemonade” codename.

This article will be regularly updated with new information on the OnePlus 9 series (this is a preview article) — both official teasers and credible leaks, rumors, and insider claims — as it becomes available in the run-up to the release of the upcoming Android smartphone. The last update was made on March 2.


Familiar, but solid design

The OnePlus 9 series won’t bring massive changes when it comes to the design. The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will resemble their predecessors, while the OnePlus 9E / 9R / 9 Lite is still a mystery, to adegree. Both the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro did surface already, by the way. Those two devices are expected to be made out of metal and glass. The OnePlus 9 will include less cameras, and it will also ship with a flat display. That handset will be a bit smaller than the ‘Pro’ model as well.

Both smartphones will include a display camera hole in the top-left corner. The bezels will be minimal, and the back side on both smartphones will be curved towards the edges. The OnePlus 9 Pro’s rear camera housing will be larger as well. OnePlus’ logo will be placed on the back of both phones, and you’ll also get the expected physical button placement. The power / lock key will be on the right, along with the alert slider. The volume up and down buttons will be placed on the left side.

Stereo speakers will be a part of both phones. The main one will be bottom-firing, while the secondary will likely be placed above the display, and be front-firing. The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro surfaced in CAD-based renders. The OnePlus 9 also popped up in real-life images, well, a prototype of that handset. On top of everything, the OnePlus 9 Pro schematics also appeared. You can check out all of those in separate galleries below.

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OnePlus 9 render:

OnePlus 9 design inaccurate

OnePlus 9 Pro renders:


OnePlus 9 real-life images:

OnePlus 9 Pro schematics:

Snapdragon 888 & blazing fast charging, both wired and wireless

As is the case every year, the regular and ‘Pro’ OnePlus models will have some similarities in the spec department. They won’t be the same, though. Having said that, let’s talk about the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro first. Before we begin talking about them separately, do note that Android 11 will come pre-installed on both phones, along with OnePlus’ OxygenOS.


The OnePlus 9 is expected to feature a flat display, which will measure 6.55 inches according to the leaked info, just like the OnePlus 8T. It will offer a 120Hz refresh rate, and likely fullHD+ resolution on top of that. The Snapdragon 888 will fuel this smartphone, while you can expect to get at least 8 GB of RAM in the package. That may actually be the only RAM variant, we’ll see. 65W fast wired charging will be included, the same as on the OnePlus 8T. The OnePlus 9 will include a 4,500mAh battery, and wireless charging, unlike its predecessor, but it won’t be as fast as the wireless charging on the ‘Pro’ model.

The 'Pro' model will offer a higher-res display, IP rating & more

The OnePlus 9 Pro, on the other hand, will also be fueled by the Snapdragon 888. The device will include a curved display, which will be larger than the one on the OnePlus 9. It will allegedly be a 6.78-inch panel, and you can expect an OLED WQHD+ LTPO display with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. It will also be curved. The OnePlus 9 Pro will likely arrive in both 8 GB and 12 GB RAM variants. It is also rumored to offer an IP rating for water and dust resistance, unlike its siblings. The device will offer a 4,500mAh battery as well, along with 65W fast wired charging, and 45W fast wireless charging. It is also expected to offer reverse wireless charging, the same as the OnePlus 9.

The OnePlus 9R will be a mid-range phone

The OnePlus 9R / 9E will be a mid-range phone, if the leaked specs are to be believed. The phone is said to ship with the Snapdragon 690 SoC, along with a 6.5-inch fullHD+ 90Hz AMOLED display. A 64-megapixel main camera will be placed on its back, an backed by an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera. A 5,000mAh battery was also mentioned, and the same goes for 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.


‘Ultra Shot’ cameras with large sensors

When it comes to cameras, we’re expecting three of them to be included on the back of the OnePlus 9, and four on the back of the ‘Pro’ model. One will be included on the front of each phone. Once again, the OnePlus 9R / 9E / Lite is still a mystery in this regard, we have almost no information on the phone's cameras at this point. Based on the leaks, both the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will include two fairly large camera sensors on the back. The rest of them will be smaller.

The OnePlus 9 is expected to feature 50, 48, and 2-megapixel units on the back. We're guessing that the 50-megapixel unit will be its main camera, while the 48-megapixel one will be an ultra-wide camera. The 2-megapixel unit may be a depth camera or something of the sort. In regards to the OnePlus 9 Pro, you can expect to get 50, 48, 8, and 2-megapixel cameras, based on the leak. The OnePlus 9 Pro is also tipped to support 4K video recording at 120 FPS.

OnePlus 9 camera module


The OnePlus 9 Pro cameras are still a mystery, to a degree. It is possible that it will also include two 48-megapixel units, but we’re not sure. Both the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro were rumored to include Leica lenses, but that won’t happen. Max Jambor did confirm it. What the 'Pro' model may have is Hasselblad camera hardware, and it's quite possible OnePlus worked with the company on the software-side of things as well. OnePlus' CEO did tease great camera improvements, and the Hasselblad branding did appear on the OnePlus 9 Pro prototype that you can see in the gallery below, and the provided video.

Another thing worth noting is something called ‘Ultra Shot’, which was spotted on the real-life image of the OnePlus 9. That seems to be the branding OnePlus will go with for its cameras. The OnePlus 9 series will miss out on periscope cameras, if rumors are to be believed.

OnePlus is expected to include some new camera features inside the OnePlus 9 series. The company is seeminly preparing several new camera modes, including Tilt-Shift, Starburst, Moon Mode, Hyperlapse, and Focus Peaking.


All OnePlus 9 series handsets are expected to launch in March

The OnePlus 9 series is expected to become official in March. The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro got announced in mid-April, well, their successors are expected to arrive a bit sooner. The launch date for these handsets got reported back in October by a reliable source, and it leads us to believe that they’ll arrive in mid-March. Samsung announced its Galaxy S21 series around 6 weeks earlier than usual, and OnePlus is looking to push up the launch of its flagships for about 4 weeks as well. All three OnePlus 9 units are expected to arrive at the same time. If rumors are to believed, all three phones will arrive on March 23, along with the OnePlus Watch. That is also when pre-orders for the devices will be open, and both the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro pre-orders will come with free earbuds.

The OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro will be available in these color variants

Now, in regards to color options, that information also surfaced. The OnePlus 9 will be offered in at least two color variants, Astral Black, Arctic Sky, and Winter Mist. The OnePlus 9 Pro, on the other hand, will ship in Stellar Black, Forest Green, and Morning Mist colors. Carrier variants may offer different color options.