How Many Software Updates Will OnePlus 10T Get?

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Along with the announcement of the OnePlus 10T, the company announced its software support for the device. So how many Android OS versions will it get? And how many security updates will it get?

OnePlus has guaranteed that the 10T will get three years of Android OS updates. On paper, that would guarantee at least Android 15, since it is launching with Android 12. Android 13 is set to come out within the next month or so, with OnePlus rolling it out shortly thereafter. OnePlus could give the 10T Android 16, but it is only guaranteed until Android 15.

As far as security updates go, OnePlus is guaranteeing four years of updates. So you’ll be good until September 2026.


How does this stack up to the competition?

So how does OnePlus’ software support stack up to the competition? Well, most smartphone makers are promising 3 years of software support and 4 years of security updates. However, Google and Samsung have been going above and beyond recently.

Samsung started promising four years of Android updates with the Galaxy S22 earlier this year. And as we’ve seen in the past, Samsung has gone above and beyond that. So hopefully OnePlus can surprise its users and continue to update the OnePlus 10T well after those three years are over. Of course, this is going to depend a lot on Qualcomm, keeping its stuff updated for the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1.

Apple, of course, is well beyond just about everyone. It has been updating the iPhone 6s all the way up until this year, with iOS 16 its finally dropping the iPhone 6s. That’s well over 6 years of updates, almost 7. And it’s something that all Android manufacturers need to strive to compete with and copy. However, on Android there’s a lot more moving parts, seeing as with iOS, Apple controls everything from the chipset to the software.