Secure Your Passwords With NordPass For 70% Off In This Cyber Monday Sale

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For Cyber Monday, NordPass is 70% off of its regular price. That's going to bring it down to just $1.49 per month for a two-year plan. Which makes it stupid cheap. And it means that you can't afford not to have a password manager.

This means that you're paying $35.76 for two years – and yes, you're paying this all at once, instead of $1.49 per month. So you won't need to worry about it renewing until December 2022. Which is nice too.

With NordPass, you can access your passwords anywhere, and they are also stored securely. That way you aren't keeping them on post it notes around your computer. Which is definitely not safe. It also makes it super easy to login to different sites. As the only password you need to remember is your NordPass password.


To use NordPass, simply click the NordPass icon in any login field. It'll then give you the accounts it has saved for that site. Click on that and it'll autofill for you. Making it faster to login, and you won't need to worry about what the password is for Spotify or Facebook next time.

NordPass can save more than just your passwords too. It can also save your credit and debit cards. Making online shopping a whole lot easier. As you can just login with your NordPass password – or fingerprint/facial recognition on mobile – to make your purchase.

There is a free version of NordPass that you can check out, but to really take full advantage, you'll want the paid one. The biggest reason is that the NordPass Free only works on one active device. While the paid version works on up to six active devices. That covers your computer, tablet, and smartphone, among a few others. It will also scan data breaches to see if your password is part of a data breach. And it can also use Trusted Contacts. This allows you to share passwords, like your Netflix password. Instead of putting the password in Google Chat, or another text messaging service, which is really not secure at all.

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You can sign up for NordPass by clicking here. This 70% off Cyber Monday sale for NordPass is good until 2PM EST on December 1 (tomorrow).

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