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LG V20

LG V20 AH NS 27

LG V20 AH NS-27

LG V20 Information:

The LG V20 has been introduced in September 2016 as the company’s second-gen ‘V’ phablet. This handset is a direct successor to the LG V10, though it looks more like the LG G5. In any case, the LG V20 is made out of metal, though it has some plastic on it as well, which is used for shock absorption it seems. The device ships with two cameras on the front and back, while the secondary ‘ticker’ display is back yet again.

The LG V20 features a 5.7-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) display, along with 4GB of RAM and 32GB / 64GB of internal storage. The device is fueled by the Snapdragon 820 64-bit quad-core processor, while a 3,200mAh battery is placed on the inside of this phone, and is removable. The 16 and 8-megapixel camera sensors are available on the back of this phone, and Android 7.0 Nougat comes pre-installed on LG’s phablet, along with the company’s LG UX 5.0 on top of it. LG V20 Articles:

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The LG V20 is certainly not a phone for everyone, first of all, you need to have some cash to burn, and be into larger devices. If you meet these two demands and are looking something that will offer you quite a bit of productivity, great camera and all around really solid phone, then the LV 20 might be just right for you. The secondary display is very useful, and it really has no direct competition in this regard, the LG V20 is a somewhat unique offering by LG.


4.8 Out Of 5 Stars

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