How To View Your Match History In League Of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends Wild Rift

Now that League Of Legends: Wild Rift is starting to expand its player base, you might be interested in learning how to check out your match history within the game.

Why would you want to look at your match history in League Of Legends: Wild Rift? For many reasons. Maybe you’re a masochist and you just want to torture yourself by looking at your own admittedly deplorable execution. I say this as someone who has some admittedly deplorable execution in some of my own matches.

Or, maybe you’re also like me and you want to better your own skills. Looking at your Wild Rift match history can help you do that. For one, you can see which games you did the worst in. Then from there, you can look at what champions you went up against. And perhaps use that to think about how to play against those champions should they pop up again.


Whatever the reason, looking at your match history is fairly easy to do and this guide will walk you through it. If you’re interested in learning more about League Of Legends: Wild Rift, you can check out our Everything You Need To Know post here.

How to view your match history in League Of Legends: Wild Rift

It goes without saying that you’ll need to play some matches first. Once you got one or a few under your belt, you can go back and look at them as you see fit.

Start by tapping your profile avatar on the main screen

League Of Legends Wild Rift Match History 4

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To get to the screen that has the match history options on it, first tap on your profile avatar. It’ll be located in the top left corner of the game’s UI on the main screen. The same screen where you see the play button.

Also worth noting is that you can change your profile avatar. At first you will only have a small collection to choose from. But the more you play, you can unlock others and even buy some using the game’s various in-game currencies.

Tap on the match history tab found across the bottom of the screen

League Of Legends Wild Rift Match History 3


On your profile screen you initially land on the overview tab. This will give you a brief rundown of various types of data. Including which champions you play the most.

Directly below your profile avatar, you’ll see four little icons. Each one of these shows a piece of information associated with a number. If you’re not sure what these are you can tap on them and the game will tell you. The farthest left icon is how many champions you own, then the next is skins, then the next is how many matches you’ve played, and finally the last icon is your profile age in days.

As you can see I currently own 20 champions and 2 skins, and I’ve played 12 matches. My profile age is 7 days. Below those are the tabs linked to different stats for your profile. Tap on the match history tab to see a rundown of your different match results.


Scroll through your list of matches

League Of Legends Wild Rift Match History 2

As soon as you tap the match history tab you can see all of your matches in a brief overview in one long list. You can scroll through this list to see basic details like whether it was a defeat or a victory.

It also shows what date you played the match, and what the time was when you played it. Which item upgrades you purchased during the match are also visible, and you can even filter things by match type. You can also optionally choose to go from all matches to just the current season matches. Which at this point is just season 2 for anyone in the Americas.


Lastly, you can see what champion you played along with each match.

Tap on the stack button to see a more detailed view of individual matches

League Of Legends Wild Rift Match History 1

If you’re interested in a particular match, you can tap on the stack button on the right side of each match. This will let you view details about that match and that match alone.


Here, you can once again see your own player champion, as well as your kills, deaths, and assists. Item upgrades purchased are visible as well along with the amount of gold you accumulated during the match.

Since this is individual match information, there’s a lot more visible here than on the last screen. You have a full breakdown of every champion who was on your team as well as on the enemy team. In addition to that each player’s name is listed. Along with their builds, and an “add” button if you want to add them to your friends list.

You also get to see who the MVP and SVP are. If you want even more analytical data, you can have that too.


View your gold and xp data for each Wild Rift match

One last thing you can check out if you want even more details, is the data on your gold and xp gains. You can view this from the League Of Legends: Wild Rift match history tab.

On the screen for individual matches, you’ll see a series of three buttons along the bottom left of the screen. Tapping on the second button will bring you to a screen that has gold and xp graphs, along with breakdowns of how much gold and xp your team as well as the enemy team acquired.

Looking at this data isn’t necessarily going to make you an overnight success. But it can’t hurt and it’s still interesting. Plus, in the long run paying attention to these types of analytics could help you to better prioritize getting gold and xp while you play. Because the more gold you have, the more items you can buy back at the base to further your match build. And the stronger you are because of these upgrades, the more chances you’ll have to overcome your enemies.