Save 40% On LastPass Premium In This Black Friday Sale

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LastPass has already kicked off its Black Friday sale, by giving you 40% off of the regular price for its premium service. That drops the price down from $3/month to just $1.80/month when billed annually. That is less than $22 per month to keep all of your accounts, credit card numbers and more safe.

If you aren't already a LastPass subscriber you should be. I have been using it for over five years now and absolutely love it. As much as I switch devices for reviews and such, I don't know how I'd cope without LastPass. You see, LastPass supports the fingerprint sensor and Facial Recognition on the Pixel 4, so only need to remember one password. Which is your LastPass password.

LastPass has a lot of really cool features, but perhaps my favorite is the ability to create and autofill a password for you. So if you need to change your banks password, but can't think of a tough one to use, LastPass can generate one for you. Then it'll ask you to save it to LastPass so you can easily login next time.


It works on almost every platform out there too. Including web browsers like Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and more. It also works on Android, iOS, Apple Watch and more. Making it easy to login to your apps on any device.

LastPass will also monitor the dark web for you, and let you know if your password has been compromised and prompt you to change it. LastPass also supports two-factor authentication, so you can keep your accounts safe and secure. If you sign up for one of LastPass' family accounts, you can also securely share passwords with your family members. Like the Netflix password, instead of sending it through Google Chat or Telegram which is not encrypted.

You can sign up for LastPass by clicking here. This Black Friday sale for LastPass Premium is good through November 30.

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