Grab The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip For $25

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Amazon has the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip on sale for just $24.99. That’s going to save you around $15 off of its regular price. That’s a pretty good price for a smart outlet, let alone a smart power strip.

This smart power strip from Kasa (which is the smart home products division of TP-Link) offers up three AC outlets and two USB-A ports. These can all be controlled independently using the Kasa app, or using your voice with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

This is going to be a really great power strip to use during the holidays when you have many different things plugged in, like Christmas decorations. In addition to that, having two USB-A ports available for charging your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, is also a nice thing to have.


Set up is super simple on the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip. Download the Kasa Smart app (Android, iOS), plug in your smart power strip and connect to WiFi to start controlling your devices.

As with most other smart plugs, the functionality here is quite limited. Since it can only control power to whatever is plugged in. But you can set up a schedule as to when the outlets turn on or off. This can be useful for a lamp that you might have plugged in. Have it set to turn on just before you get home from work, or even when the sun starts to go down (and it starts getting dark in your home office). There are a number of ways you can use this feature actually.

Of course, this does work with many other Kasa products that TP-Link also sells, and can all be controlled in the same Kasa app.


You can pick up the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip from Amazon today by clicking here. 

Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip - Amazon