Be Prepared For California Outages With Jackery's Portable Power Station Sale

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As California starts to prepare for power outages, due to the many wildfires in the State, Jackery is looking to help out those that might be affected, and preparing.

It is discounting the Explorer 240 and SolarSaga 60, which is a massive power bank that is powered by solar. And of course, the SolarSaga 60 is a solar panel that can power that power bank.

The Explorer 240 is almost like a smaller generator. It is packed with 240Wh of juice. That’s a whole lot of juice, and will give you some power for a fair bit of time. Jackery has two USB-A ports included, as well as a AC and a DC port available. So you’ll be able to plug in things like a laptop, your phone and so forth.

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Jackery Explorer 240

Jackery has included an LCD display on the Explorer 240, so that you are able to see how much juice is left, and the input and output of the battery in real-time. This can be very helpful when you don’t know how long you’ll be out of power.

The SolarSaga 60 is a 60W solar panel that can be used to charge the Explorer 240. The Explorer 240 doesn’t actually have any solar panels on it, but it does work with the SolarSaga. This is going to come in handy while waiting out the wildfires in California. Especially since you don’t know how long you’ll be without power. And there’s plenty of heat to keep the solar panels going.

It’s very easy to plug the SolarSaga 60 into the Explorer 240, to get some more juice. And that’s where the LCD display will come in handy, since it shows you both the input and the output. This is going to allow you to see if you need to move the solar panel around to a better spot where it can get more sun.

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Jackery SolarSaga 60

If you’re preparing for the power outages in California, this is a really good product to pick up. PG&E has been shutting off the power lately, as the winds increase in California – which means that the wildfires are going to pick up and perhaps get out of hand. Turning off the power is a necessary evil. While it’s still going to be unbearably hot, this is going to keep the wildfires from getting even worse, with live power lines being used as fuel.

So if you live in California, picking up the Jackery Explorer 240 and SolarSaga 60 is going to be a good idea. So that you will have some power, while PG&E has shut off the power to your home.

The Jackery Explorer 240 is available for $249 and the SolarSaga 60 is available for $179.