How To Watch Sony's PS5 State of Play Live Stream

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Every so often Sony will do a State Of Play live stream event to talk about the latest and greatest with PlayStation, and today’s event includes upcoming content for the PS5.

If you’re interested in upcoming games and potential new PS5 updates, make sure to watch the State Of Play live stream event when it starts later today. This is also Sony’s first State of Play event of 2021, so it’s very likely there will be some exciting stuff to see.

How to watch the State Of Play PS5 live stream event

Watching the event is easy as there are a few places to do so. One of those being in the video above.


What time does the live stream event start?

Sony will begin broadcasting the live stream today at 2PM PST, which will be 5PM EST. If you’re on Mountain Time, that’s 3PM, and if you’re on Central Time, then the event will start at 4PM.

Where can I watch the live stream?

We’ve embedded the State Of Play live stream video above, so you can watch it directly from this page. Sony will also be broadcasting the event on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, and it will be holding a broadcast of the live stream on its official PlayStation Twitch channel as well.

So you can watch it from here or from those other two locations.

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What PS5 games will be shown during the State Of Play event?

Sony hasn’t given out any hints as to what games it’s going to showcase. However, players can probably expect a mix of both announced and unannounced games.

You might be able to look forward to big Sony exclusives like the new Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart, as well as Horizon: Forbidden West. It wouldn’t be surprising to see something about the Outriders demo either. Given that it launched today for players across PC and console, which includes the PS5.

Will Sony talk about new console features or accessories?

There’s no way to know really. Sony hasn’t teased anything specific for this event. So it could discuss anything else PS5-related in addition to games. This could include anything from console updates that would introduce new features, to new devices or accessories for the PS5 like additional controller styles.


All that said, what Sony will be guaranteed to show off is a handful of game trailers. So that alone should be worth watching the live stream.