How To Watch Sony's PlayStation State Of Play PS5 Event

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Sony is hosting its next PlayStation State Of Play event today, focusing on at least one new title for the PS5, and if you want to know how to watch it we have a simple guide for you to check out that will get you set up and ready to view all of the excitement.

The event will take place promptly at 2PM ST this afternoon, and unlike some of Sony’s previous State Of Play events, this one is likely to be mostly about one particular title. This is similar to what Sony did with Horizon Forbidden West, which it held a State of Play for earlier this year.

Before we get into how to watch the next PlayStation State Of Play event, let’s go over what you can expect and why you might be interested in checking out the livestream when it pops up later this afternoon.


When to watch the latest PlayStation State Of Play event

As mentioned above, Sony’s next State Of Play is going to start today, July 8, at 2PM PST. That will be 5PM EST for those on the East Coast, and 7AM JST on July 9 for Japan.

Sony doesn’t usually have a big pre-show before these events, so expect things to kick off just a minute or two after the clock ticks down to that 2PM time.

What to expect from the livestream

As noted, today’s event is focusing mostly on Deathloop. An upcoming title from Bethesda for the PS5 that Sony will be releasing a little bit later this year. Officially, the game launches on September 14. So there are still a couple of months to go before you can play it yourself.


That being said, Sony is no doubt trying to drive up some excitement for the game leading into its launch in September. So today’s event will probably focus on new, unrevealed gameplay, and perhaps some new features of the game that haven’t been announced prior to now.

There’s also a very small chance that Sony could show off another new game or two. But if it does have anything to reveal about games that aren’t Deathloop, they may be smaller titles, and could be about games that are already available.

The entire event will be about 30 minutes long, so there’s not a lot of time to fit in all kinds of new details about a bunch of upcoming titles. Keep that in mind and temper your expectations for the stream.


Where to watch the livestream

The livestream is happening right on Sony’s official YouTube channel, and you can catch the event right here on this page in the video above.

You can also watch it directly on Sony’s PlayStation YouTube page, and it should be available on the PlayStation Twitch channel as well.

If you’re not sure what Deathloop is, you can view a trailer of it below to check out what it has to offer.