How To Watch The Last 2020 Presidential Debate Online: Biden vs Trump

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The second and final Presidential Debate between President Donald Trump and the Democratic candidate (former) Vice President Joe Biden, goes down on Thursday, October 22.

This final debate comes after President Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, following the second debate being moved to a virtual event and then ending up cancelled. So there's a lot to talk about in this final debate.

This debate takes place at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. The Commission on Presidential Debates is limiting the audience this time too. The first debate had around 90 people, while this debate will have a much smaller audience. This is due to COVID-19. Attendees are being required to wear a mask this time, or they will be kicked out of the event. With the first event, they were only asked to wear one, not required.


NBC's Kristen Welker will be moderating this debate, and has come up with plenty of questions for the two candidates. Also new in this debate is a mute button. The two candidates will get two minutes uninterrupted in the beginning of each segment, to answer the initial question. Followed by around 11 minutes of banter back and forth. This should help with the interruptions, but likely not all of them.

What topics will be covered in this debate?

Both candidates will be questioned on fighting COVID-19, American families, race in America, Climate Change, National Security and Leadership.

Moderator Kristen Welker has come up with questions for each segment of this debate. And she will not have the ability to mute candidates' microphones, as previously reported.

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Basically, the topics you'd expect to hear about in a 2020 Presidential race. There aren't many people that are still undecided about who to vote for this year, this debate is the last chance for the candidates to tell you why they should get your vote on November 3.

What time does the debate start?

The debate will start at 9PM ET/6PM PT. And as mentioned it'll last around 90 minutes.

It'll be taking place at Belmont University, in Nashville, Tennessee. Almost every network will be streaming the debate online and on cable networks. So there are plenty of places for you to watch the debate tonight.


How can I watch the debate?

There are many ways to watch the debate tonight. If you live in the US and have cable or an indoor antenna, you can watch the debate on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and C-SPAN. If you are using an antenna for OTA channels, then your choices are a bit more limited to ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. But still plenty of places to watch. Since there is only one moderator, the coverage of the actual debate will be the same on every channel. The differences will be on the pre- and post-debate analysis.

If you are a cord-cutter, you can watch the entire debate on C-SPAN's YouTube channel.

Those that do subscribe to any of the many streaming TV services, you'll also be in luck.


Sling TV

Sling TV costs $30 per month and does have CNN, Fox News, Fox, MSNBC and NBC included in its Sling Blue plan. You also have the ability to DVR the debate to watch later on, if you wish to do so.

You can sign up for Sling TV here.

Hulu with Live TV

Another great option is Hulu with Live TV. Which costs $54.99 per month and gives you access to ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. It also includes a number of other channels, as well as the entire Hulu catalog.



AT&T TV Now is the same price as Hulu with Live TV, and it includes 45 live TV channels. These also include ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, Fox News, MSNBC and NBC. So you'll be able to watch the debate tonight. You can also upgrade and get more channels as well as HBO MAX included.


This is a really great option for sports fans and costs $64.99 per month. It does have over 114 live TV channels available, as well as those that are needed to watch tonight's debate. That includes ABC, Fox, Fox News, MSNBC, but it does not have CNN, unfortunately.

Wrap Up

There are a ton of different ways that you can watch the Presidential Debate tonight. It's going to be interesting to see how Biden and Trump do in this debate, since it is a much different atmosphere, especially for Trump. Who likes to play to a crowd, which won't be available for him tonight, due to the pandemic.