How To Watch The 2020 NFL Draft

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The 2020 NFL Draft is going to be quite different from previous NFL Drafts, but you'll still be able to watch it. The draft starts on Thursday, April 23, and it will be streamed live on the usual channels.

The NFL had been planning for a pretty impressive Draft in Las Vegas this year. But for obvious reasons, the NFL had to move the Draft to a virtual one. With the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell hosting the draft from his basement. Even the NFL Commissioner has to work from home, on perhaps the biggest day of the year, for the NFL.

This means that the NFL had to change how the Draft works, and is relying on technology more than ever before.


How the 2020 NFL Draft will work

This year, all 32 teams will make their draft choices either online or over the phone.

NFL tapped its longtime partner, Microsoft, to make this virtual draft happen. Microsoft has created a version of its Teams application, which is going to be used for most of the communications between the league and teams. This includes making player selections. For redundancy, each team is going to have three people that will be able to submit picks, in case there are any technical issues. Seeing as the NFL Draft is going to be live, that is a good idea.

As always, timing is a big deal in the draft. In the first round, teams have 10 minutes to make their selection. And that time will dwindle down once it gets into the later rounds. With the seventh round giving teams only four minutes.

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Over the three days of the NFL Draft, there will be 255 picks made. The Cincinnatti Bengals have the first overall pick. Followed by the Washington Redskins and the Detroit Lions. This order was finalized at the end of last season, with the worse team getting the first pick and so on.

The NFL Draft is a day where dreams come true. With hundreds of college football players looking to leave college early or looking for their next step in their career, waiting to hear their name called. There will be many that will go undrafted and even go in the much later rounds. But that isn't a bad thing. Remember, Tom Brady, who is heralded as the best to ever play the game, was drafted 199th overall (out of 255!) in the sixth round by the Patriots. So number one overall doesn't automatically mean the best player in the draft.

How to watch the 2020 NFL Draft

You can watch the 2020 NFL Draft virtually anywhere. And that's good news for cordcutters that still want to catch the big night. The NFL Draft will be broadcast on ABC, ESPN, ESPN Deportes and the NFL Network. So as long as you have a package that has one of those channels, you'll be able to watch the big night. Here are some of our picks for the best way to watch the NFL Draft this year.


OTA Antenna

Since the draft is going to be airing on ABC, you don't actually need to subscribe to anything. And if you have an OTA antenna, you can watch the draft for free. If not, you can purchase one from Amazon, and get all of your locals for free.

You could also use the OTA Antenna to watch on Plex Live TV which is currently free. Plex Live TV does still require that your TV have an antenna, but you'll be able to DVR shows on your local channels, as well as watch on other devices that use your Plex account. Which can really be a lot more useful than just a regular antenna.


AT&T TV Now is the most expensive option on this list, but it does offer up some premium networks in addition to ABC and ESPN. That includes HBO and even Cinemax. AT&T TV Now allows you to watch over 45 live TV channels, and can also DVR up to 20 hours content, that you can watch anytime and anywhere. AT&T TV Now does allow you to watch on many different devices including Android, Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, iOS, Fire TV and much more.


Pricing for AT&T TV Now starts at $65 per month. And offers a seven-day free trial.


fuboTV is also on the more expensive list, but still worth signing up for. It is a must-have for sports fans – even though there really aren't any sports happening right now. There are over 90 live TV channels available on fuboTV. While you won't get any locals like ABC and ESPN is also not available, you can still watch the draft on the NFL Network. fuboTV also offers up to 30 hours of DVR space for recording shows and movies.

fuboTV starts at $54.99. And it also offers a free seven-day trial.


Hulu with Live TV

When it comes to streaming TV services, Hulu with Live TV is actually one of the better options out there. In addition to over 60 channels, you also get the on-demand library that Hulu offers, as well as originals. Hulu does give you access to ABC and ESPN, but no access to the NFL Network, unfortunately.

Hulu with Live TV is going to cost you $55 per month. And there is also a free seven-day trial available.

Sling TV

Sling TV is going to be the cheapest option here, besides grabbing an OTA Antenna. Sling TV starts at just $20 per month and offers access to ESPN on the Sling Orange plan. And NFL Network on the Sling Blue plan. Now you can combine these two plans for $45 per month to get even more channels. You can also watch this on three screens simultaneously, and there is also the ability to record with cloud DVR.


When does it start?

The NFL Draft is going to start on Thursday, April 23. With round one starting at 8PM ET.

Rounds two and three will be held on Friday, April 24 starting at 7PM ET. While rounds four through seven will happen on Saturday, April 25 starting at noon ET.

You'll be able to watch the 2020 NFL Draft on ABC, ESPN, ESPN Deportes or the NFL Network.