How To Watch EA Play Live & Catch The Latest On Battlefield 2042

EA Play Live 2021 1

EA Play Live 2021 is coming up really fast and you’re going to want to watch the event. Specifically if you want the latest details on the upcoming Battlefield 2042. As EA will be showing off all kinds of new details for the next title in the acclaimed first-person shooter series. Not the least of which will be one of the new modes that is being introduced with this new game.

If you want to watch EA Play Live, you’ll need to have an internet connection since the event is being livestreamed. Luckily, you will have no shortage of options for where to watch the event. As EA plans to host it on a variety of platforms.

But before we get into how to watch, let’s get into the why. Because you probably want to know what you get out of devoting your time to EA’s upcoming event.


Why watch EA Play Live 2021?

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In few words, because you want to learn new things about EA’s upcoming games. And you want to see trailers for those games. Like Sony and many other companies, EA is hosting its own event for showing off the majority of some juicy content for new game titles.

Part of the event will focus on new stuff coming to Apex Legends, while part of it will focus on Battlefield 2042, part of it on Madden. But there’s also the chance that EA may show off new details about other announced and unannounced titles. Such as the upcoming Dragon Age game.


If there were ever a time to showcase new artwork, a teaser, or anything else, this event is it. Because it’s all about EA and the studio has the entire event to itself. So it has loads of time to unleash a flurry of announcements, teasers, and more onto its fans.

In addition to the above, there have been rumors of a Dead Space reboot in the works, so that could show up at the event as well. And EA also could have a new Need For Speed title on the way. It could also have more to share about Mass Effect, and this would be a good time to do so as it would draw attention to the recently released Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Keep in mind that much of this is merely speculation as we don’t know exactly what EA will reveal beyond what it has already teased.


How to catch the EA Play Live 2021 livestream

Here’s where things get a tiny bit tricky, but not so much that it will be too hard to follow. There will be multiple live streams to watch, and they’ll be spread out across different days throughout this month. EA is calling this its Spotlight Series, where each spotlight will hone in on specific titles. The first of which happens tomorrow.

You can find the full list of livestream events and broadcast times below.

EA Play Live – The Future Of FPS – July 8

The first livestream to watch which has the big focus on EA’s major FPS titles, is happening tomorrow, July 8. The stream will start at 10AM PST, and will feature new details for Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends.


You’ll be able to catch the stream at EA’s Twitch channel, as well as its YouTube channel via a dedicated video, which you can view above.

EA Originals <3s Independent Studios – July 13

The start time for this event will be the same as with The Future of FPS, but it will take place next week on July 13. You can expect the same platforms to be available for viewing. Which should include YouTube and Twitch. Though EA may also choose to host the event on Facebook and Twitter as well.

EA hasn’t said as much, but you can host live events on both of those as well. So keep an eye on EA’s pages on both of those sites just in case.


Madden NFL 22 All-Access: Scouting – July 19

The last of EA’s spotlights will take a focused approach to Madden NFL 22. The latest game in the long-running football game franchise.

This event will take place just a few days before the big main event. Start times have also changed. You can catch the Madden spotlight on July 19, with the broadcast time beginning at 4PM PST. Expect to see the livestreams on the same platforms as the other two spotlights.

EA Play Live 2021 – July 22

This is it, the big event and the main draw of EA’s upcoming stuff for this year and beyond. Since there’s no focused spotlight panels happening for other big EA franchises, such as Dragon Age, EA will either have nothing to show off or it’ll happen at the main event on this date.


Once again, EA will host the livestream on both YouTube and Twitch. The broadcast will begin at 10AM PST, with the pre-show kicking things off.