How To Watch E3 2021 – Updated June 12, 2021

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E3 is back after a year away, and you’re going to want to watch the event to catch up on all the latest gaming announcements. From big studios like Xbox and Bethesda, which is holding its own showcase, to smaller studios, E3 2021 is shaping up to be a worthwhile event to watch.

The gaming conference will be entirely digital this year. Which means no in-person interviews, no meet and greets, and none of the other stuff that comes along with a physical event. But there will be a ton of new game-related announcements which is the most important thing. Most of the bigger studios will have their own livestream events happening at different times throughout the event. Much like Xbox and Bethesda. But E3 will also have its own livestream going on across all of its social channels too.

When to watch E3

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If you’re looking forward to watching E3, then you’ll need the details on when everything is happening. The conference isn’t far off. E3 just started laying out details for the event schedule, so you’ll find all the necessary details right here.

When is E3 taking place?

E3 will be spanning four days beginning June 12, and it will carry on through June 15. Not all of the big shows will be taking place the first day. So plan out your time accordingly if you want to watch things as they happen. Keep in mind all of the showcases will end up being uploaded to official channels, so you should be able to watch things later on too.

E3 2021 Schedule

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The schedule for E3 2021 is starting to take shape, though it’s only June 3 and there’s still a week to go before things jump off. Having said that, expect more events to be added later on. At which point this post will be updated to include events that haven’t been announced officially yet.

Thursday, June 10

Saturday, June 12

  • 2PM PT – Gearbox E3 Showcase
  • 2:45PM PT – GamesBeat Session

Sunday, June 13

  • 2PM PT – Warner Bros. Games’ Back 4 Blood
  • 2:30PM PT – PC Gaming Show
  • 4PM PT – Future Games Show

Monday, June 14

  • 9AM PT – Verizon
  • 9:45AM PT – Intellivision
  • 10:15AM PT – Take Two Interactive Panel
  • 11:10 AM PT – Mythical Games
  • 12PM PT – Indie Showcase
  • 12:30PM PT – Freedom Games
  • 1PM PT – VENN
  • 2:30PM PT – Capcom
  • 3PM PT – Razer

Tuesday, June 15

  • 8AM PT – E3 pre-show broadcast
  • 9AM PT – Nintendo Direct and Nintendo Treehouse Live (Nintendo Direct will run for about 40 minutes. It will focus exclusively on software from Nintendo, mostly releasing in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch console. Right after the first show, Nintendo Treehouse Live will begin and run for roughly 3 hours. This show will focus on deep dives into a selection of Nintendo games).
  • 2:25PM PT – Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
  • 3:30PM PT – Yooreka Studio
  • 3:35PM PT – GameSpot Play For All Showcase
  • E3 2021 closing – This year’s event will close out with the Official E3 2021 Awards Show.

Where to watch E3 2021

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You’ll be able to watch the official E3 2021 broadcasts through all of E3’s official channels via YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook.