How To View Battery Stats On Samsung Galaxy S20

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With One UI 2.1, Samsung has changed up how to view battery stats on the Galaxy S20 – and other Galaxy smartphones. It's an extra step to get to that screen, but it is a nice upgrade to the battery stats and we're here to show you how you can get to that screen on the Galaxy S20.

Why would you need to see your stats? Well it's a great way to be able to see just how good your battery life is. And it's great to be able to find that rogue app that is using up all of your juice. This is usually Google Play Services, that uses up all of your juice, and that can sometimes be difficult to figure out why. However, if it's another app like Telegram or Facebook, it is a bit easier to figure it out. But on this screen you can see what app is doing what.

How To View Battery Stats On Samsung Galaxy S20

To get started, jump into the Settings.


Screenshot 20200306 104344 Settings

Now, scroll down to almost the very bottom of the page.

Tap on Device Care.

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Screenshot 20200306 104349 Device care

Then tap on Battery.

Screenshot 20200306 104353 Device care


Now tap on Battery Usage.

Screenshot 20200306 104400 Device care

From there you can see the details of your battery usage for the day. This includes showing screen on time, as well as how long it has been off of the charger.


What's cool though, with this revamped battery screen, is that now you are able to see your stats for the last seven days, and really see how your usage has changed in the past week. You can tap on any day from the past seven days at the top of the screen, and see the stats from that day. This actually makes it a lot easier to see how app usage has changed over the week, making it easier to find the app that is taking up all of your battery life today.

In addition to that, on the graph, you can tap anywhere and it will narrow down your usage to a two-hour increment. Showing you how much screen on time you had, what apps were used the most and so forth. Samsung did a really great job here of improving the battery stats page, and it's something that I really hope Google includes in an upcoming version of Android. As it makes that page a lot more useful, and a lot more user-friendly.