How To Use The Gunsmith In Call Of Duty: Mobile – Ultimate Gunsmith Guide

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The gunsmith in Call Of Duty: Mobile is the latest and greatest feature to be added to the game. If you’ve never played Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (the one launched in 2019 and not the original), then you may not be familiar with the gunsmith feature.

This is something you definitely want to be excited about because it really makes working with your loadouts a lot better.

It adds things like charms, stickers, and different reticles that can be customized on your guns. On top of all that it puts all of your gun skins into a blueprints section, just like in Modern Warfare, and it gives you a whole lot more customization options for your weapons from stocks to under barrel add-ons to muzzles.


If you’re not sure where to start with things. This guide is here to help. Here’s how to use the gunsmith in Call Of Duty: Mobile and make the most of it as a beneficial feature.

Access the gunsmith in Call Of Duty: Mobile from the loadout screen

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Getting to the gunsmith in Call Of Duty: Mobile is pretty easy and you won’t have to track it down. In fact it’s simpler to get to than in Modern Warfare where it’s a little more convoluted. At least in my personal opinion.


Here, just head to the loadout screen and there will be a gunsmith button listed below each weapon in your loadout. In the example image, I have the Cordite – Zero G and the J358 – Meltdown equipped.

And you can see the gunsmith buttons below both of those. Tapping on either one will take you to the gunsmith menu where you customize the weapon. Which you’ll want to do if you want to optimize your loadout to make the most of it.

Going forward, gunsmith should be your new home when you’re not in a match. Become familiar with the different attachments and perks you can add to each weapon.


Like before though, you can only add so many things to a gun. Altogether you can only have a mixture of five add-ons. Whether those are all attachments or a combination of the attachments and a perk.

Why you absolutely want to be messing around with attachments in the gunsmith

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The short answer is, it’ll improve your weapons. Which has a chance to lead to better results in your matches.

Obviously, as you level up your weapons you’ll be pushed to add attachments and stuff to them. Which you’ll do. But don’t just go adding things willy-nilly. You can certainly do that and no one will stop you.


But if you want your game to improve, consider what attachments you’re adding and what they will do for you. For example, different attachments will adjust things like vertical and lateral recoil control. Which will in turn impact how much your weapon recoil moves upward or to the sides while you shoot.

Considering this, improved recoil control both vertically and laterally means it won’t kick as much in those directions. Giving you a better chance to hit your targets.

Some attachments can also adjust and improve the ADS (aim down sight) bullet spread accuracy, hip fire accuracy, ADS speed, sprint-to-fire speed and more.


Other things to keep in mind are that some attachments will improve some stats but reduce effectiveness in others. An example of this are muzzles. Which will help your vertical and lateral recoil control but reduce your ADS speed and ADS bullet spread accuracy.

The idea is to find the best possible combination based on how you play. If you want better mobility, then try to find something that gets that as high as possible without impacting other areas too negatively.

Consider wiping the slate clean

Call Of Duty Mobile Gunsmith Guide


The developers have tried to make things as easy as possible to work with here.

While it might take you some time to figure out what works best for your own personal play style, that doesn’t mean actually interacting with the gunsmith feature has to be a challenging task. And it’s really not.

If you aren’t sure what attachments to use, consider wiping the slate clean. What I mean by that is, utilize the “clear all” button located at the bottom of the screen.


As the name of that button suggests, this will remove every attachment or perk from the gun. With this, you can start fresh by seeing the gun’s base stats without any attachments. Then work forward from there to pick things that will work with your play style.

Other things to keep in mind. It’s not such a bad idea to know how the gun feels without attachments. Learn the vertical and lateral recoil control on a gun you’re interested in using before beefing it up.

If you’re worried about using it in multiplayer or ranked modes, you can easily avoid the ire of your teammates by testing guns out in the Training or Practice vs A.I.

Compare guns to see how each one stacks up

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Just as important as learning the attachments and how they impact the gun, it’s important to know what each gun you have is capable of doing.

More specifically what the stats are of each gun and how they compare to each other. Like what the damage is for one gun as opposed to the other. Seeing your guns side by side like this makes it really easy to pick the one that’s best for you.

As it gives you a better overall picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each gun. The Type 25 – Bloody Vengeance for example has stronger damage, mobility, and fire rate compared to the AK117 – Magmacomb. But it has weaker accuracy, range, and controls.

Consider looking at these things before picking a weapon. Then move onto testing that weapon out and then finally adding attachments to it. Or leveling it up to unlock attachments if you don’t have any yet.

Use the gunsmith in Call Of Duty: Mobile to save customizations

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Alongside everything else you can already tap into the gunsmith for, you can save your weapon customizations.

If you want to add things into your loadout without having to dive into the gunsmith every time, this is what this feature is for. You can go through and pick a few sets of attachments and then save them as a new customized weapon.

You can even rename it if you want or leave it as is. The default name is just the name of the weapon. This will save you time whenever you want to flip a new version of the weapon you’re using into your loadout and swap out the other.

Trust me, this will be useful. Especially if you’re trying to settle on an attachment combination that works best for you. If you go through and pick a few sets and save them, then you can more quickly swap in a different set if the first one didn’t work out like you hoped.

The gunsmith is by far the best new feature added to Call Of Duty: Mobile. So dive in and check it out. Mess around with different attachments and find a good fit. And most of all, have fun.