How To Use Samsung Pay On The Galaxy Z Flip 3's Cover Display

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Many might say that Samsung Pay is the best mobile payment option out there, better than Google Pay and Apple Pay. Largely because you can earn points when you use it. But also because it works almost everywhere thanks to MST. Though that is not available in the latest Samsung smartphones.

But with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, you can use it on the Cover Display, without even needing to open the phone to pay for whatever you are buying. And today, we’re going to show you exactly how you can do it.

How to use Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s Cover Display

You can use Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 without actually opening the phone. Which is really convenient when you’re in the store and need to pay real quick.


To do this, you just need to double-tap on the Cover Display, or press the power button to turn it on.

Next, swipe up from the bottom, like you would on the home screen of the main display.

You’ll then need to authenticate your payment. You should have the fingerprint enabled for this, by default. So just press the power button to authenticate yourself.


Then tap the phone on the terminal to pay like you’d normally do. And boom, you’re all set.

It’s really just that easy, and it’s really the same as using it on the main display, but a bit easier.

Some troubleshooting steps

If this does not work as described above, there are a few things you can do to hopefully fix it.


Enable Quick Access

This should also be enabled by default, but you can enable Quick Access for the Cover Display.

Go into the Samsung Pay app.

Tap on the three lines icon in the upper-left hand corner.


Then tap on Settings.

Next tap on “Quick Access” at the top.

Make sure that “Cover Screen” at the bottom is turned on.


Add a card to Samsung Pay

The other thing to do is, add a card to Samsung Pay. It may not appear on the Cover Display if you don’t have a card added. It wouldn’t for me, until I added one, though it would on the main screen, so it could have been a user error. But it’s a simple fix that you can do. Of course, in order to use Samsung Pay at a store or restaurant, you’ll need a card added anyways.